Top 12 Best Video Tripod in 2023 Reviewed

Most people think that tripods are just for low lighting conditions when it is necessary to shift to a lower shutter speed.

However, there are numerous reasons both creative and functional why you may find a tripod useful. It could be that you shoot wildlife videos and you need to support your heavy lens or that you need something to keep your camera balanced as you wait for that perfect moment of light in the studio.

Regardless, you want to have the best video tripod with you at all times if you want quality footage. Stick around as we help you choose the perfect one.

Best Video Tripod

Popular Tripods for Videographers: Comparison Table

Here’s our average table of video tripods that are worth comparing. We have got each one of these products in detail in our reviews section.

RankingProduct NameMaterialTripod Head Type
1Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera TripodAluminumPan Heads
2Video Tripod System Cayer BV30LAluminumPan-and-tilt-heads
3AmazonBasics 60-Inch TripodAluminum
4Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB Aluminum TripodAluminumBall Heads
5RetiCAM Tabletop TripodAluminum, Plastic, MetalPan Heads
6Magnus VT-300 Video Tripod SystemRubberVideo Heads, Fluid Heads
7Victiv 72-Inch Lightweight Camera TripodAluminumBall Heads
8Magnus VT-3000 Tripod SystemAluminumFluid Heads
9Mactrem Camera Tripod 59”Aluminum, PlasticVideo-heads
10Magnus VT-300 Video Tripod SystemRubberVideo Heads, Fluid Heads
11Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod MonopodCarbon FiberVideo Heads, Ball Heads
12KAMISAFE Video TripodAluminum, PlasticFluid Heads, Video Heads

1. Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod

Looking for a tripod you can carry anywhere? Mactrem seems to have the right one for you as their PT55 Travel Camera tripod can fit easily into the carrying bag provided for transportation and storage.

In addition, the tripod is made of aluminum and plastic. It weighs less, which means carrying it around as you shoot videos is effortless.

Key Features

The way pan head on this tripod can swivel at 360 degrees. This rotation is advantageous when it comes to framing as you can get the correct angle with just a slight tilt of the tripod head.

Some customers have reported their disappointment at the tripod’s instability even on flat terrain. They had to have the legs at different heights to try and stabilize the tripod but this did not help.


  • Easy to store
  • Way pan head
  • Light in weight
  • Lever-lock legs


  • Unstable tripod

2. Video Tripod System Cayer BV30L

Did you know you can level the tripods head without having to readjust the tripod legs? This is possible when you have the Cayer BV30L tripod system that has a ball adapter designed with 3/8”-16 stud to enable you to level the head.

There is a middle spreader that is supposed to provide stability on uneven terrain. Besides that, the tripod legs can be adjusted individually for better support, especially on unleveled ground or stony terrain.

Key Features

This tripod has a K3 fluid head that can tilt at -70⁰/+90⁰ with a panning rotation of 360⁰. This flexibility is convenient for shooting and recording as you can capture at any angle without straining. 

The quick-release plate makes attaching and detaching your camera a simple task. However, some customers have reported that the tripod stand is weak and breaks easily.


  • Quick-release plate
  • Locking rubber buckles
  • K3 head
  • Mid-level spreader


  • Brittle aluminum legs

3. AmazonBasics 60-Inch Tripod

Do you have issues determining whether the ground is level before using your camera? Well, there seems to be a solution in this AmazonBasics tripod that has a built-in level to enable you to know when the base is level.

This tripod can extend from 20” to 48” since the legs are adjustable once you release the leg lock. Besides that, the center post can extend up to 60” with the rubber feet providing sufficient support.

Key Features

Setting up the tripod is claimed to be easy. In addition, the tripod weighs less, making it portable and there is a carrying bag included for storage.


  • 3-way swivel head
  • Rubber feet
  • Adjustable legs
  • Built-in level


  • Some think it feels cheaply made

4. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB Aluminum Tripod

Have you been searching for a tripod that can be used at any angle? Well, the Vanguard Alta Pro has Multi-Angle Central Column that is alleged to enable movement from 0⁰ to 180⁰ angles in both horizontal and vertical positions for unique shots.

You can reposition the central column without interfering with the stability of the tripod when using the Vanguard Alta Pro. This is possible due to the Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock System that allows for swift repositioning.

Key Features

You can use this tripod on any terrain. The tripod has spiked rubber feet that are non-slip for enhanced stability on any surface you choose to set the tripod.

This tripod is alleged to prevent camera vibration when shooting that may interfere with the image clarity. However, some customers have reported that the release locks are defective and get lost, causing the tripod to fall and expose the camera to damages.


  • Spiked rubber feet
  • Quick flip leg locks
  • Removable accessory hook
  • Fine-tuning functions


  • Defective release locks

5. RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod

Have you been combing the market for a tripod that is compatible with any camera? The RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod may be what you have been looking for as it is designed with a standard tripod 1/4-20 screw that is useable with most cameras, spotting scopes, microphones and smartphone adapters.

The tripod comes with a quick-release plate already installed for easy swapping of your devices so you do not miss out on any moments worth capturing. You can also purchase additional quick release plates in case you change devices more often and prefer that each device has its plate.

Key Features

This tripod has non-slip rubber feet to enhance its stability on any surface. Furthermore, the quick snap leg locks help to keep the tripod legs in position once you set it.

There is a carrying bag included for safe storage of your tripod and its transportation. Unfortunately, some customers have complained about the head of the tripod not being flat, which interferes with their shooting.


  • 3-way tilt head
  • Easily portable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Carrying bag included


  • Head not flat

6. Magnus VT-300 Video Tripod System

Magnus states that you can fine-tune the height of the tripod without adjusting the legs. This can be done with a hand crank that raises or lowers the center-column to get the required height.

When you release the flip-locks, the tripod legs are extendable at two leg stages. This flexibility makes the tripod seem like a good option when you intend to shoot at varying heights as adjusting the legs is effortless.

Key Features

The rubber feet on the tripod are replaceable. As such, you can use them whenever the ground is slippery to boost your stability and prevent the tripod from sliding or falling.

Some customers expressed their disappointment concerning the panning of the tripod. According to them, panning was difficult and they ended up moving the camera in order to get the intended shots.


  • Carry case with shoulder strap
  • Replaceable rubber feet
  • Built-in bubble level
  • Mid-level spreader


  • Poor panning

7. Victiv 72-Inch Lightweight Camera Tripod

How about getting a tripod and a monopod unit in one package? This is what you obtain when you purchase the Victiv 72-Inch camera tripod, a unit that you can convert with ease from tripod to monopod and vice versa.

You are likely to have a simple task when transporting your tripod since it comes with a carry bag that has a shoulder strap. Moreover, the tripod is said to have a minimum weight so that you only have a minimal load to carry around.

Key Features

Changing directions while shooting is likely to be effortless as the tripod has a 3-way swivel head. The head can be rotated at 360⁰ when panning and horizontal and vertical tilts at any angle are possible.

The manufacturer says that the tripod has a solid construction hence we expect it to be stable. But some customers have reported that the tripod sways so much when in use, which is disappointing.


  • Strapped carry bag
  • Aluminum tube legs
  • Tripod and monopod unit
  • 3-way swivel head


  • Unstable when in use

8. Magnus VT-3000 Tripod System

You can choose to use your pan bar mount on the left or right when you have this Magnus VT-3000 tripod system. This seems like a good tripod since both the left and right-handed persons can operate it without difficulty.

The 2-way fluid provides smooth movement, enabling you to take good shots as vibrations are minimized. In addition, the bubble level is alleged to enable accurate leveling, which is important in photography.

Key Features

For surfaces like the floor, you can choose to use the retractable rubber feet. The spiked feet are likely to work better outdoors where they can sink them into the surface for stability.

The leg construction on this tripod, according to some customers, is weak. They say that their tripod broke after just a few uses yet the cameras they used were of the recommended weight.


  • Micro-balance slider
  • 2-way fluid head
  • 3-section leg design
  • Quick-release plate


  • Weak leg construction

9. Mactrem Camera Tripod 59”

Mactrem has designed their tripod in such a way that you can choose how to shoot. You can adjust the pan head 90⁰ upwards or downwards and use the vertical tilt knob lock to secure the pan head in the set position.

This tripod is said to have two different bubble levels. As such, both landscape and portrait orientations are supposed to be easy to capture since you are most likely to get the level right.

Key Features

For your convenience, Mactrem has included a carrying bag that also serves as a storage case. The tripod itself is claimed to be light in weight in order to prevent fatigue in case you have to carry it for long.

Unfortunately, our camera has to have a hotshoe to fit on this tripod, a limiting factor that works against the product. This means you cannot use the tripod if you have a compact camera, something you should consider before purchasing the tripod.


  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable pan head
  • Balance hook


  • Suitable for cameras with a hotshoe 

10. Magnus VT-300 Video Tripod System

Having issues with your camera vibrating, resulting in poor quality images? Why not try out the VT-300 from Magnus designed with a fluid head that dampens the vibrations of your camera due to sudden movement?

The mid-level spreader and center column on this tripod are integrated. As such, the tripod’s stability is enhanced, especially when the center column is raised.

Key Features

On this tripod’s quick release plate, there is an anti-skid mounting surface. This is a safety measure to ensure your camera is firmly secured on the release plate which helps since falls that could result in camera damage are likely to be prevented.

Some customers have found the tripod to be too long, making it difficult to carry in their backpacks. This leg length may also be the reason for the wobbly nature when you mount your camera.


  • Independent tilt locks
  • Integrated spreader and center column
  • Rubber feet
  • In-built bubble level


  • Unbalanced when camera is mounted

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11. Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod

Thinking of shooting panoramic photos and are yet to nail the tripod for it? Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod seems like a good tripod for the task as it has a fluid head system that can rotate at 360⁰, a full turn.

This is a two in one kit where you get a tripod that you can easily convert into a monopod by removing one of the legs. This convertibility is convenient since monopods are claimed to be easier to set up and quicker to move with.

Key Features

The center column of this tripod has a hook. You are supposed to suspend a sandbag on this hook to make the tripod more stable.

This seems like a good tripod but you cannot make micro-adjustments on the height. The tripod has no crank that is used for making such changes, limiting your shooting to just the altitude set.


  • Ball head and fluid head
  • Built-in bubble level
  • Adjustable leg tubes
  • Hooked center column


  • No crank for micro-adjustments

12. KAMISAFE Video Tripod

KAMISAFE has designed their tripod with a detachable head, designed to fit into the carry bag more easily. You can store away the tripod and transport it effortlessly since the carry case has a shoulder strap to let you conveniently carry the tripod over your shoulder when you are traveling about.

The flip-lock system helps to keep the tripod legs in position once it is set. As such, the legs are unlikely to retract without your knowledge.

Key Features

A user manual is provided with this tripod as a way of preventing the wrong set up. Besides that, the tripod is said to be light in weight, making it portable.

Some customers were disappointed when they received the tripod and realized the head was defective. The head, according to KAMISAFE, is fluid but some buyers say it does not have the features of a fluid head.


  • Rubber feet pads
  • Adjustable legs
  • Flip-lock system
  • Strapped carry bag


  • Defective head

How to Pick the Perfect Video Tripod

As a videographer, you want to explore the various videography styles to improve your technical and creative skills.

The buying guide below explains the factors you need to consider when shopping for a tripod including:

Tripod Size 

In your search for a tripod, you will realize that they come in various sizes. From travel tripods that fit in camera bags, mini tripods that fit in pockets, and professional tripods that are able to accommodate the heaviest of cameras.

You want to ensure that the tripod size you choose is able to meet your shooting needs. A general rule of the thumb here is never to get a larger tripod than you intend to carry but always ensure that it is sturdy.

If you intend to use your tripod in the studio or at home, we recommend getting a bigger one.

Tripod Weight 

This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider especially if you have to carry your tripod from place to place.

The weight of a tripod is largely determined by what material it is fabricated from. We advise that you pick from either Aluminum or Carbon Fiber.

Aluminum tripods are strong but are a bit heavier compared to the ones made of Carbon Fiber. Most outdoor videographers prefer Carbon Fiber because it is strong and lightweight in nature so you may want to consider that if most of your shooting happens outside.

Tripod Solidity 

For a tripod to adequately serve its purpose, it must be stable enough. An ideal tripod should have solid links at all joints made of strong material that will not bend or flex.

It is important to get quality in terms of both materials and design.

Camera Weight 

It would be foolish to get a small tripod for a huge camera. You want to match your tripod with the weight and size of camera you will be using.

Tripod Head Type 

It is highly unlikely that you will need a tripod’s legs alone. The tripod head also plays an important role so you want to pick one that suits your needs in terms of the kind of videography you do, and the equipment you use.

To be on the safe side, you can pick a kit that combines a particular kind of tripod head and a suitable set of legs.

Extra Features 

Some tripods come with various features for adding value to particular kinds of videography. For instance, center columns are able to add height to tripods and some tripods can be used horizontally.

Some tripods also come with removable legs and are capable of being converted into monopods for easier transportation and setting up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We always receive an array of questions on this topic and we are always up to the task of answering them. However, since we cannot address all of them here, we have decided to answer a few commonly asked ones.

Will any tripod fit any camera?

Camera mounts are generally standardized hence making it possible to use any camera brand on any tripod.

You want to keep in mind that most tripods come with interchangeable heads to make things easier.

Do I need a tripod for my camera?

Yes, you do especially if you have a heavier camera that requires sturdier support. Even travelers who do not carry cameras that are as heavy will occasionally need the support that a tripod offers.

What is the best tripod?

There is no such thing as the best tripod because there are many great products in the market that perform well.

It all depends on your needs and the features that a particular tripod offers. You want to consider things like the height, stability, and how much weight a tripod can accommodate.

What’s a tripod fluid head?

This is a special type of head that contains a fluid chamber. The chamber is specifically made to dampen any sudden movements that might arise during use.

This type of head, therefore, goes a long way in ensuring that smooth videos and smooth tracking are achieved. And of course, this is especially important when you’re after delivering high-quality footage.

Is a ball head tripod better?

Ball head tripods are easy to use and highly practical. However, if you’re into landscape photography or you often shoot real estate, you might want to consider getting the pan head in particular. It’s believed to provide precise control which can be quite important in outdoor photography as well.

Best Overall Choice

Our best video tripod is the Amazon Basics 60-Inch Tripod that is said to be easy to set up. The tripod comes with a carry case and it is portable. In addition, its adjustable legs enable you to set the height right when shooting.

Final Thoughts

We understand that selecting the perfect video tripod can be an exhausting experience owing to the fact that there are numerous options in the market.

While tripods offer a simple way to keep cameras steady when shooting, various factors come into play when picking one.

You want to consider things like the stability, height, and weight of a tripod before purchasing it. We are certain that this guide will help you pick the most suitable one so go ahead and utilize it.

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