10 Best PoE Security Camera Reviews with Important Factors to Keep In Mind

Power over Ethernet cameras have become quite popular of late owing to their many functions. Whether you want extra surveillance for your home or business premises, you really can’t go wrong with the best POE security camera.

So, what separates one PoE camera from another? And what are some of the key factors to consider when making a selection? Well, to cut the long story short, the following are the key features to ponder on.

  • High-definition abilities
  • Waterproof and weatherproof features
  • Built-in motion alerts
  • Night vision features

So, is there one camera that meets all those requirements? Well, in the following few sentences, we’ll talk about the 10 most sought-after camera systems along with a discussion on their pros and cons.

Best PoE Security Camera

Top-Rated POE Security Cameras – Comparison Table

What follows now is a run-down of some of the finest Power over Ethernet IP cameras. You can take a look at the brief chart below to get an overall impression of the different security camera types.

RankingProduct NameVideo Capture ResolutionConnectivity Technology
1Phylink PLC-335PW Wireless IP Camera1080pWireless, Wired
2Trivision IP66 1080p PoE Outdoor Camera1080pWireless, Wired, Cloud, Networkable
3Reolink RLC-423 PTZ 5MP Security Camera5 MPWired
4ONWOTE 1944p PoE Security Camera1944P
6AmcrestProHD AMNV20M4-4B-B PoE IP Cameras1080pWired
7Zmodo 4 Pack WiFi IP Camera1080pWireless, Cloud
8Smonet 720P Surveillance System3 MPWireless, Wired
9EZVIZ 720p Outdoor Security Camera1080pWireless
10Sequro IP66 Video Surveillance system1080PWireless

1. Phylink PLC-335PW Wireless IP Camera

One thing that drew our attention to this particular PoE is the fact that it boasts superb night vision power. All thanks to its 1080p resolution, it can capture night vision images in a range of 30 feet.

As such it can conveniently be used even in a dimly lit room or warehouse. Besides that, it comes with a weatherproof rating of IP66. This makes it a perfect bet for outdoor use.

And to top it all up, the camera boasts a generous storage which can either use NVR storage-Record, NAS, Dropbox, FTP or MicroSD. The icing on the cake is that the Phylink PLC-335PW is pretty easy to set up.

And most importantly, you can also easily customize it so it sends you email or mobile notifications.


  • Easy to set up
  • Incredible night vision
  • Weatherproof design for outdoor use
  • Great storage options


  • Its software controls need a bit of a revamp

2. Trivision IP66 1080p PoE Outdoor Camera

What if all you wanted was a PoE camera that’s easy to set up – one that you can get up and running in a matter of minutes? Well, that’s precisely what this unit seems to be all about.

You simply need to get the Anyscene app, then install the camera in your premises and you’re good to go. At the heart of this camera is a highly improved day and night performance. Indeed, this unit comes with advanced infrared power which enables it to easily filter through night vision.

To top it up, it has a 30 feet view in night vision mode and that’s alongside a 90-degree angle of view. Last but not least, this camera has a built-in allowance to accommodate a microSD of 128GB. However, that card needs to be bought separately.


  • High-quality weather-proof housing
  • Built-in email and mobile alerts
  • Awesome night-vision performance
  • Its 1080p resolution is quite something


  • Image stability issues have been reported by some of its users

3. Reolink RLC-423 PTZ 5MP Security Camera

This dome security camera is a boon to anyone looking for a resilient surveillance camera particularly for outdoor use. To begin with, it provides you with a 5MP sensor complete with a 190-foot night vision.

Yup, you read that right. This camera provides you with a very powerful night vision and with an extra viewing range. On top of that, it has the ability to tilt for 90-degrees as well as pan for 360-degrees.

For that reason, it has a really wide field of view and also enjoys the remarkable ability to remove blind spots. Add that to the fact that it has a 4X optical zooming power and what you have here is a dynamite of forts.

Most importantly, in line with the market trends, this camera comes with built-in remote access features. You simply need to download its free app and you’ll be able to keep an eye on your premises no matter where you go.

And what’s more? The Reolink comes with a motion-triggered ability which means it can send you timely alerts in case there are intruders in your premises.


  • Powerful night vision view
  • Provides you with some powerful 5MP shots
  • Remarkable tilting and panning abilities
  • Has a 4X optical zooming power
  • Awesome remote access through desktop and mobile devices


  • Terrible autofocus feature
  • The camera’s controls are a bit sluggish

4. ONWOTE 1944p PoE Security Camera

With a tilting angle of 55 degrees and a panning angle of 180 degrees, this unit might just be one of the gems waiting for your discovery. For starters, it provides you with some 5MP super HD audio and video capabilities. What’s more? It comes with a built-in microphone with a remarkable audio range of 15 feet.

Want to use it for nighttime surveillance? Well, this PoE provides you with a remarkable night vision power of 100feet. So, you can view quite a chunk of space using it.

Moving on, the camera boasts an IP 65 weatherproof aluminum housing which makes it perfect for use in an outdoor environment. And besides being highly durable, this unit also has the remarkable to support up to 8 cameras.

As a standalone order, the package provides you with 4 surveillance cameras. What you need to know, however, is that you can always add 4 more cameras into the equation for even more surveillance power.


  • The package comes with 4 cameras
  • Has the possibility to accommodate 4 more cameras
  • 5-megapixel image quality
  • Superb night vision range


  • Its user interface is belabored
  • Might be a bit difficult to set up if you’re computer illiterate

5. HIKVISION DS-2CD2342WD-I IP Surveillance Camera

With a resolution of 4 megapixels, this might not necessarily be the most powerful camera we’ve ever come across. But even with that said, it boasts a full HD 1080p video recording power making it one of the finest tools to add to your arsenal.

One thing we like about it is the fact that it comes with a 3-axis adjustment along with an infra-red range of 30 meters. That’s in addition to the fact that it boasts all-weather protection of IP67 which makes it one of the best protected PoE security cameras in town.

We also do love its powerful image sensor. And lastly, its iVMS-4500 mobile application is quite reliable and easy to set up. Actually, the main reason why we’d pick it over any other camera is because of its user-friendliness.


  • Awesome user interface
  • Excellent IR performance
  • 100 feet night vision range
  • Tough-built and encased for outdoor use


  • There seems to be some quality assurance and consistency issues with this brand

6. AmcrestProHD AMNV20M4-4B-B PoE IP Cameras

If image resolution doesn’t matter a lot to you or if you’re comfortable capturing black and white images, this camera might be your best bet. It comes with 4 cameras of 2MP resolution. And when it comes to video recording this camera packs a pretty decent 30fps continuous shooting power.

This high number of frames per second means you can capture tiny details in a remarkable way. And the best part is that the entire system is relatively easy to set up. On top of that, it comes with a QR code which you simply need to scan to download the Amcrest View” app which is available both for Android and iOS devices.

Last but not least, this PoE comes with a powerful USB backup system. And of course, you’re banking with the best because this system meets all the CE, FCC, and UL regulations. It’s no wonder the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty and lifetime support for it.


  • Backed a 1-year warranty
  • CE & FCC certified
  • Comes with 4 surveillance cameras
  • High number of frames per second


  • Its resolution may not be the best one for commercial use (best for home use)

7. Zmodo 4 Pack WiFi IP Camera

With artificial intelligence taking more control of the modern-day world, this Alexa-compatible camera might be the best thing to settle for. And don’t let its savvy nature fool you, this unit is actually IP65 weatherproof rated meaning that it can be fully used in an outdoor environment.

Most importantly, it is designed to work effectively within the temperature range of 50-degrees Celsius and -10-degree Celsius. That means, no matter the weather or season, you can fully count on it to protect every corner of your home.

That’s not all – if you’re away from home and would like to keep tabs with what’s happening around your home, you’d simply need to use Zmodo app. This is an easy-to-use app that is also available for Android and iOS devices.

Last but not least, this IP camera enjoys a remarkable IR night vision. That’s because it is equipped with some powerful IR cameras which are designed to switch to a black and white view at night. This makes sure that you can still deliver some awesome shots even when the surroundings are poorly lit.


  • Supports a wide temperature range
  • The ability to stream videos remotely
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Above-average IR performance in night vision
  • 1-month access to cloud storage


  • You will need to pay a subscription to store your files in the cloud
  • Some users have complained of this being a bit too slow for their liking

8. Smonet 720P Surveillance System

From the look of things, this camera has been particularly designed for the entrepreneurs and managers in the house. In its entirety, the system is meant to provide you with a 4 channel security camera system.

Therefore, you can comfortably use it for your home, villas, shops or even warehouse. It comes with a 1TB hard drive which has been pre-installed for you. Therefore, you don’t need to pay for expensive cloud storage to keep your precious files.

The entire system is also quite easy to set up. Indeed, you don’t need to be computer literate or something to get it up and running. It’s a simple and straight-forward DIY process.

Most importantly, this system has live video remote accessibility which means you can access it via iPhone or iOS systems. You simply need to download the “Eseecloud” or “IP Pro” apps for this.


  • Awesome when it comes to user-friendliness
  • It’s a 4-channel system for wide coverage
  • Awesome at sending mobile and email alerts
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty with lifetime technical support
  • Awesome customer support


  • Its set up guidelines are not as detailed
  • Its app is a bit below average for us

9. EZVIZ 720p Outdoor Security Camera

Who said that 24/7 surveillance had to be a preserve of the rich? With the EZVIZ you can get all that and then some. In fact, what you get here is a 98 feet night vision which is fairly speaking one of the most powerful ones you can get.

And the best part is that this system is designed for outdoor use. And, therefore, it comes with an IP66 protection which makes it quite durably protected against rain and dust.

To top all that up, this system is compatible with Alexa. As you know this is one of the highly advanced AI systems out there in the world. That’s to say, you can fully automate this system so you have an easier time managing it.

And as you can imagine, surveillance cameras have the ability to generate tons of images and video footage. Therefore, your best bet is to bank on cloud storage especially if you’d like to access the stored files remotely. And thanks to the EZVIZ Cloud you can do exactly that.

We really like the fact that this camera is highly sensitive meaning that you’ll never miss an important moment in your surveillance footage.


  • Awesome night vision power
  • Well-built camera
  • Awesome weatherproofing for all-weather use
  • Incredible cloud storage system provided for you


  • Its mobile app still has a long way to go to compete with the best
  • Difficulties connecting it to WiFi although it eventually connected

10. Sequro IP66 Video Surveillance system

The Sequro is a boon to anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly PoE camera that’s capable of punching well above its weight. To begin with, this system provides you with an incredibly long transmission range of 1000 feet in the open area.

Moving on it has some incredible built-in motion detection systems which come in handy in detecting all those crucial moments. However, we happen to think that it might be too sensitive in some cases and might raise some false alarms. For that reason, it’s important to ensure that the sensors are well set up by testing the system after setting it up.

Most importantly, it has a maximum recording capacity of 256GB microSD card. And that’s in addition to the fact that it comes with the GuardPro app which ensures that you can track your premises on the go.

What we really like about it is that it has an incredibly large recording distance. And most importantly, all of your footage is recording in an encrypted mode to protect their integrity.


  • Powerful dual-mode viewing
  • The ability to generate secure footages
  • Boasts DIGITAL HD live viewing capabilities


  • Struggles with night vision recording

Factors to Consider When Buying a PoE Security Camera

What are some of the key factors to keep in mind when buying a Power over Ethernet surveillance system? In our view, the following are probably the most important factors to ponder on.

Ease of Installation

The last thing you want to end up with is a system that’s complicated to install. If possible you want to bank on a system that comes with a friendly manual. This way, you won’t need to call in a technician to get the job done at an extra cost.

Most importantly, try to find a camera that’s supplied with good customer support. That way in case of any queries, you’d have an easy time getting clarifications.


What’s the use of recording images that you can possibly make sense of when it comes to analyzing the footage? This is why it is important to work with a system that captures some high-quality images. This is where the megapixels come in handy.

If you can find a camera with 4MP resolution or more, that would be a really great plus in ensuring clear images are captured.

Night Vision Power

The infrared (IR) power of your PoE security matters a lot. First, you want to ensure that the camera has the ability to record quality footage over a long range – at least 30 feet at the very least. Besides that, the images should be clear and usable which once again takes back to the issue of resolution.

Which One Is The Best?

All the 10 cameras on this list made it on merit. However, if we were to narrow down to just one of them, we’d go for the Reolink RLC-423 PTZ 5MP Security Camera. It has a fantastic night vision and most importantly, it’s capable of delivering fantastic shots thanks to its 5 MP resolution.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best PoE security camera, it’s our hope that the details above will go a long way in helping you make a solid find. Most importantly, we look forward to you having the best bang for your bucks when you follow our detailed recommendations.

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