Best Pelican Camera Case in 2023? Top 8 Cases Reviewed

One of the most expensive equipment is camera gear. Any photographer would tell you that the thought of damaging and getting replacement gear is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Therefore, it would be wise if you take appropriate measures to ensure that all your camera gear remains in one piece, even when you make a bumpy journey through the jungle.

An effective way of keeping your camera equipment safe is by investing in an appropriate camera case. There are many brands available in the market, and one of the leaders is the Pelican brand.

This series has over the years been associated with high-quality camera cases that rarely disappoint.

Best Pelican Camera Case

So how do you get the best Pelican Camera case?

Well, to get the ideal camera case that would suit all your preferences, you should start by paying attention to several factors, and they include:

  • The latches
  • Ease of transportation
  • Capacity/size

Pressure release valve, among others. Keep reading to find out a lot more.

Good Pelican Camera Cases Comparison Table

Do not jump directly to these factors. Start by going through the following Pelican cases which we have reviewed, and you may find your ideal product amongst them.

RankingProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1Pelican 1510 Case with foam64.15 pounds
2Pelican Case 1610 Case24.83 x 11.88 x 19.69 inches19.51 pounds
3Pelican 1170 Case12 x 8.75 x 4.25 inches1.96 pounds
4Pelican 1560 Case22.06 x 10.43 x 17.93 inches1.3 pounds
5Pelican 1200 Case9.25 x 7.12 x 4.12 inches2.86 pounds
6Pelican 1500 Case18.5 x 6.93 x 14.06 inches7.05 pounds
7Pelican 1300 Camera Case9.68 x 10.62 x 6.87 inches3.7 Pounds
8Pelican 1400 Case with Foam13.37 x 6 x 11.62 inches1.52 Pounds

1. Pelican 1510 Case with foam

There is a reason why Pelican 1510 is one of the highest-rated camera cases. For starters, it is designed to be a basic case capable of accommodating a standard setup, including two lenses, a Speedlight, two bodies plus other gear.

Then, the case is easy to move around due to the retractable handles as well as the wheels.

Let’s also mention how durable the case is, as well as being waterproof and dustproof.

Lastly, the case also features an O-ring seal as well as an automatic pressure equalization valve.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Waterproof
  • Spacious


  • Latches pop open too easily

2. Pelican Case 1610 Case

The Pelican 1610 is virtually indestructible courtesy of the Copolymer-Polypropylene shell that ensures the case serves you for a long time to come.

You may also appreciate how watertight the case is and we attribute this to the O-ring seal and the pressure equalization valve. So your gear should be safe in case you get caught in the rain.

Additionally, the case features padded foam that would protect your stuff from the bumps and shocks as you travel on the road.

Lastly, you have the option of configuring the interior just how you want it.


  • Well-made
  • Watertight
  • Shock and bump-proof


  • A bit pricey

3. Pelican 1170 Case

When you purchase the Pelican 1170 case, there are three qualities that you are almost always likely to get, and they are dustproof, water tightness, and indestructible construction.

It features an automatic pressure equalization valve that helps in creating a balance in the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the case.

The double throw latches are easy to open while the foam interior acts as a shock absorber.


  • Ideal for travelling
  • Dustproof
  • Versatile


  • Too small

4. Pelican 1560 Case

This case will be perfect for you if you travel a lot with your photography gear. For instance, it features a tongue and a polymer o-ring that help in keeping it completely watertight.

The Pressure Equalization Valve helps in maintaining an atmospheric pressure balance between the inside and the outside of the case.

One thing you may appreciate with this case is that it is highly spacious to accommodate all your photography gear.

On top of that, the case features a retractable handle and wheels to make it easy to move around. There are also extra handles on the side to aid in its portability.


  • Heavy-duty case
  • Highly spacious
  • Easy to move around


  • Too heavy

5. Pelican 1200 Case

There are several reasons why we believe the Pelican 1200 case would be a reasonable investment for any photographer.

First, is the Copolymer-Polypropylene construction that makes the case extremely sturdy so that it serves you for a long time to come. Additionally, this construction also aids in making the case extremely lightweight.

What’s more, is that the case is completely watertight courtesy of the tongue and the groove fit, which ensures that no liquids penetrate inside.

Besides the case being indestructible, it also has a pleasant look that you should enjoy showing it off to your peers.


  • Attractive design
  • Customizable
  • Easy to open and close


  • Not completely leak-proof

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6. Pelican 1500 Case

With a customizable interior, this case gives you the option of arranging and storing your gear just how you like it.

Then, the tongue, the groove fit and the polymer o-ring all do a great job of keeping this case completely watertight.

The pressure equalization valve also aids in making the case watertight besides ensuring a balance in atmospheric pressure between the inside and outside of the case.

Lastly, the rubber-molded handle should feel comfortable in your hands as you carry the case around.


  • Waterproof
  • Customized fit
  • Comfortable handle


  • Hard to open latches

7. Pelican 1300 Camera Case

The Pelican 1300 case maintains the high standards associated with the brand. To begin with, the case is well-built to make it indestructible such that it would be a while before you think about getting a replacement.

Also, the foam interior makes it shock-proof such that your camera would remain in one piece in case of a fall.

Another bit with this case is the double-throw latches that make this case very easy to open.

Then, besides being impressively watertight, the Pelican 1300 is dustproof to maintain an excellent appearance for longer.


  • Indestructible
  • Decent capacity
  • Easy-to-open


  • Latching can be difficult

8. Pelican 1400 Case with Foam

The last item on our list is the Pelican 1400 case, which, just like the other Pelican cases, is designed to be watertight due to the tongue and groove fit and the polymer o-ring.

You would also be getting a durable and crush-proof product that would last for a lifetime. We could attribute this feature Copolymer-Polypropylene shell which makes it indestructible.

Another notable feature is the customizable interior while the padded foam acts as a shock absorber to keep your items safe from shocks and bumps while on the road.

Lastly, this is a highly spacious case that would allow you to bring all you need for your photography trip.


  • Large capacity
  • Built to last
  • Waterproof


  • The depth is not adjustable

The Buying Guide

If you want your search for the ideal Pelican camera case or any other model for that matter, there are a couple of things that you need to look out for. Let’s check them out.

The Capacity

An ideal camera case is one that has enough capacity to accommodate all your photography hardware. These accessories include lenses, camera body, and even SD cards.

However, ensure that the case is not too large such that it would give you a hard time in storage.


Your pick of a camera case should have sturdy construction to ensure that it serves you for a long time to come. You are likely to come across most camera cases as having been made out of polypropylene-copolymer.

This material, coupled with a rugged construction, would give your gear maximum protection against external shocks.

Additionally, you may opt for a case with steel reinforcement for extra protection.

The Latches

Although the latches aim to ensure that the case is always closed to secure your valuables, they should not be too tight such that they interfere with the opening of the case.

The Pressure Release Valve

If you know you are going to be moving through areas with different atmospheric pressure levels, then this valve would be a useful feature to have.

The valve would help in creating a balance between the internal and external pressure levels so that your gear does not get damaged.

Ease of transportation

If you want a case that would give you an easy time moving it around, then you should ensure that it has retractable handles and wheels as well. Some cases even feature extra handles on the sides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have included the following common questions and their responses to boost your knowledge on Pelican camera cases.

Why should a photographer invest in a Pelican camera case?

Photography equipment is quite expensive, and so a camera case would help in keeping the items secure and in one piece. You may think about going for a backpack, but anyone would tell you that a camera case is sturdier to offer protection against bumps.

On top of that, camera cases are buoyant, and this feature makes them handy in case of an accidental drop into the lake.

Which is the best color for a camera case?

well, it all depends on your location. If you are operating in a cold area, then a black case would be appropriate. In case you are in the desert, a reflective color such as silver and tan would be more appropriate as it would help in keeping your items cooler.

Are all Pelican cases waterproof?

A: Due to the Co polymer-polypropylene construction, Pelican cases tend to be well-built, and this helps in making them waterproof. So, in case you get caught in the rain, you can relax in knowing that your equipment are safe.

The Best Overall

In the end, we have settled on the Pelican 1510 Case with foam as the best of them all. It has the perfect combination of features that would ensure it does not disappoint when it comes to keeping your camera and other gear safe.

Final Thoughts

Pelican is a global leader in producing high-quality camera cases. Keep in mind that there are bound to be minor differences in these cases even though they are from the same brand.

Therefore, we hope that this article has pointed out what you need to focus on if you want a camera case that would not disappoint you in keeping your photography gear safe.

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