15 Best Pan Tilt Zoom Camera Options: Latest Reviews

Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras, or PTZ as they are otherwise known are ideal for monitoring huge spaces such as parking lots and rooftops.

The best pan tilt zoom camera can be controlled remotely to zoom in and move up and down to capture potentially vital targets.

While these cameras are great, picking out the perfect one for your premises can be a hassle. Keep it here as we help you in the selection process.

Best Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Most Popular Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras: Comparison Table

Summed up below is a quick table of some of the awesome cams we could find for our readers. You may keep scrolling for the detailed reviews.

RankingProduct NameVideo Capture ResolutionConnectivity Technology
1Wyze PTZ WIFI 2-Way Audio Indoor Home Camera1080pWireless
2AmcrestProHD1080P Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Indoor Camera1080pWireless
3Amcrest Wi-Fi PTZ Outdoor Dual-Band 2.4ghz IP Camera1080pWireless
4YI Dome PTZ Wireless 720 HD Indoor Camera1080pWireless
5Foscam R2 Full HD 1080P PTZ Home Security Camera1080pWireless
6Reolink PTZ Super HD Dome RLC-423 Outdoor Camera5 MPWired
7Yi Dome 1080p PTZ 2.4G IP Surveillance System Camera1080pWireless
8Jennova Two Way Wireless PTZ Outdoor 1080P Camera1080pWireless, Wired
9Bagotte 1080P HD Dog and Baby Home Security Camera1080pWireless
10JideTech 1080P PTZ IP Dome PoE Security Camera1080pWired
11Kamtron WIFI Indoor PTZ Camera for pets1080pWireless, Wired
12Zmodo Indoor 1080P Wireless Security Camera1080pWireless
13M MORVELLI Full HD PTZ Home Security1080pWireless
14Faleemi Indoor WIFI HD Home Surveillance1080pWireless
15Mooncity Wireless PTZ IP CameraFull HD 1536P 3MPWireless, Wired

1. Wyze PTZ WIFI 2-Way Audio Indoor Home Camera 

The Wyze PTZ camera is one of the most purchased due to the ability to connect with a wide variety of third-party apps and devices like Alexa.

Furthermore, it comes with a unique person detection system that detects the presence of a person when they are close to your home.

Key Features 

The camera has a clear live stream on a 1080 Full HD from anywhere, and you can watch your home on your phone every time.

Additionally, the Wyze camera is not left behind when it comes to night vision because it comes with 6 IR LEDs and night coverage of 30 feet.


  • Person detection
  • Variety of third party connections
  • Full HD images


  • Not easy to set up

2. AmcrestProHD1080P Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Indoor Camera 

The AmcrestProHD 1080P Wi-Fi pan tilts indoor camera has been by far the best preferred indoor security camera due to its HD 1080P resolution. 

Also, this camera tilts and pans with a 116-degree viewing angle and 4x optical zoom that makes you see all corners of the position of concern.

Key Features

Clear images and videos are what this camera is all about, which is supported by an IP2M-848B lens with four levels of optical zooming?

It is equipped with an infrared night vision capability; as such it can be relied upon even in dimly lit conditions. What’s more? It can capture high-quality shots of objects up to 98 ft away at night.


  • Easy to set up
  • HD pictures
  • Has a 116 degrees viewing angle


  • No audio features

3. Amcrest Wi-Fi PTZ Outdoor Dual-Band 2.4ghz IP Camera 

The Amcrest 1080P camera is often taken as the best camera for security because of its latest update of image sensing by the Sony Starvis IMX290 2MP.

This camera is equipped with a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) design and 16x digital zoom for clear and sharp images of the intended place of installation.

Key Features 

Firstly, it can be integrated into your phone and computer and sends notifications in a moment through an intelligent alert function installed in it.

It comes with a storage of 128 GB microSD and supports Amcrest cloud storage for long hours recording and has a 12V supply of power for the conservation of energy.


  • Has the latest image sensor
  • Intelligent alert function
  • Amcrest cloud storage


  • Not the best for starters

4. YI Dome PTZ Wireless 720 HD Indoor Camera 

The YI dome camera is an indoor camera with few features and incredibly dome-shaped for a wide-angle viewing in the house.

Furthermore, the storage of this camera is supported by cloud functions to automatically back up some footage when the SD card if full.

Key Features 

It is equipped with a 1080P glass lens, and the camera can view 345 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees vertically for full coverage.

Additionally, the camera comes with a sensitive microphone and a noise filter assistant for clear, undisturbed audio coverage


  • Wide angle lens
  • Cloud storage assistant
  • Has a user-friendly App.


  • Lags when tracking motion

5. Foscam R2 Full HD 1080P PTZ Home Security Camera.

This camera is believed to be the ideal in-home security purposes as it can record and put all the areas under surveillance at the palm of your hand.

Also, the Foscam R2 Full HD 1080P PTZ Home Security Camera has a night vision IR capability to a length of 25 feet and works automatically.

Key Features 

The Foscam camera has a 350-degree and 100-degree horizontal and vertical rotation to help you cover the area and is controlled automatically on your smartphone.

Additionally, it has a video resolution of 1080HD powered by Ambrella chipsets for clears and sharpest images all times with cloud back up capability.


  • Has an 8-hour cloud storage feature
  • Easy set up 
  • 25 feet night vision function


  • SD card not included

6. Reolink PTZ Super HD Dome RLC-423 Outdoor Camera 

Reolink is a well-known brand in surveillance camera production with this brand praised for the endurance of lousy weather and rainy and snowy seasons.

This type of camera is installed with a PoE function that will assist in sending videos and transmitting power to the device over a network cable. 

Key features 

The Reolink PTZ super HD dome RLC-423 outdoor camera boats of a 360 degrees endless pan and 90 degrees tilt for full scope viewing.

Furthermore, it has a 190 feet night vision capability and fast movement sensors that will alert you when a person comes near your home.


  • Responds fast
  • Supports mobile app
  • 360 degrees pan and 90 degrees tilt


  • No audio mic

7. Yi Dome 1080p PTZ 2.4G IP Surveillance System Camera 

The YI 1080PPTZ camera has been rated as a reliable surveillance system suitable for your indoor and outdoor camera due to its improved features.

Furthermore, the camera is supported by a phone application that integrates all the cameras to your phone, where you can customize your settings.

Key Features 

This camera is equipped with a cry detection to your kid’s cry and works perfectly at night, and you can watch your kid’s situation.

The two-way responsive microphone allows you to start a conversation, or even when embedded to speakers, you can talk to pets and command them. 


  • Alerts you when there is movement.
  • YI cloud supported.
  • Covers up to 101 degrees wide angle.


  • A bit complicated to set up.

8. Jennova Two Way Wireless PTZ Outdoor 1080P Camera 

The Jennova Two Way Wireless PTZ Outdoor 1080P Camera is believed to be the best for home surveillance due to the alarm system it comes with.

Additionally, the alarm can be classified into dog bark and siren, where you can customize it on your phone application by recording a sound you want.

Key Features 

Equipped with a 1920x1080P resolution feature, this camera will give you the best clear images even at night and can switch to black and white mode.

On top of that, the Jennova camera has a detector for motion that will sense any activity in the surveillance position and activates an alarm to scare them away.


  • Motion detection
  • Two-way audio
  • With siren alarm


  • Complicated and heavy

9. Bagotte 1080P HD Dog and Baby Home Security Camera 

This camera is one of its kind and has more than one uses, easy to mount, and can be installed at any setting in your home or house.

Furthermore, this camera has been rated as the perfect when monitoring your baby in its room or monitoring of your cat or dog.

Key Features 

This camera uses the full HD 1080P clear resolution and can zoom up to 4 times to anything in the room and have a clear view.

The Bagotte camera can rotate with a 355-degree horizontally 90 degrees vertically and 120 degrees wide, which makes view everything in the room at the touch of a button.


  • Multiple uses
  • Night vision
  • Smart alerts


  • Another SD card added for storage

10. JideTech 1080P PTZ IP Dome PoE Security Camera 

This JideTech HD brand is recommended by many homeowners because of the attractive features when it comes to reliability and connectivity.

Also, it is compatible with different third-party apps with smart alerts that will notify you when the camera detects any movement.

Key Features 

This camera is equipped with HD 1080P video resolution with up to 4x zoom and runs at a very high speed that senses any commotion.

The JideTech camera likewise has Multilanguage features and can be connected to many gadgets like your computer, phones, android, windows, and IOS.


  • High-quality images 
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with a lot of hardware


  • Night vision not of high quality.

11. Kamtron WIFI Indoor PTZ Camera for pets

KAMTRON WIFI Indoor PTZ Pet Camera has a positive rating for homes because you can save your footages to the cloud and share them.

It has, several cameras that can be set in different rooms and connect them to one Computer or smartphone with a Wi-Fi Ethernet connection.

Key Features 

This camera has night vision features and IR capability that can view up to 20 feet in the dark, and it gives total day surveillance.

The KAMTRON camera allows for two way audio functions and motion sensors that will notify you when there are noises or any other movements.


  • 360 degrees HD resolution
  • Cloud service available
  • Easy and quick wireless connection


  • May tip-off and fall

12. Zmodo Indoor 1080P Wireless Security Camera 

This camera is one of the cameras in the market best used because of its ability to Pan Tilt and

Zoom high angles for better viewing.

The Zmodo Indoor 1080P Wireless Security Camera is compatible with the Zmodo accessories and apps for a better experience. 

Key Features 

It comes with a 1080P, a full angle movement sensor that keeps you on the loop when something intrudes, or someone enters your home when not around.

Additionally, the camera has a smart microphone that is built and is accompanied by a loudspeaker that you can command or talk to the pets.


  • Advanced cloud service
  • Has a two-way audio device
  • Has mobile alerts


  • Needs a stable Wi-Fi connection

13. M MORVELLI Full HD PTZ Home Security  Indoor Camera 

It is one of the most recommended cameras for your home due to its easy installation because you will monitor it from your phone.

Furthermore, you can connect it with devices like Alexa confirming a two-way audio support system for your home.

Key Features 

The M MORVELLI Full HD PTZ Home Security Indoor Camera gives full HD images with clear footage and wireless monitoring. 

Additionally, the camera has a night vision capability that comes with an SD card for storage with cloud storage support whenever the card if full.


  • High-quality sensors
  • Super two-way audio system
  •  High-quality night vision


  • Should be handled with care

14. Faleemi Indoor WIFI HD Home Surveillance Nanny And Baby Camera 

Faleemi Indoor WIFI HD Home Surveillance Nanny and Baby Camera is an exciting brand due to its features that would be the best for your all-day baby monitoring.

It came with an inbuilt microphone and added speakers that work hand in hand with your computer or smartphone for listening and watching.

Key Features 

This camera can pan in a 270 degrees rotation and tilt with a 60-degree rendering it suitable to carry out surveillance in a large room.

Additionally, this camera captures very high-quality footages with a speed of 30 frames per second that will allow you to have clear and reliable footages


  • Super wide viewing
  • High-quality images
  • Easy and flexible installation


  • Heavy camera

15. Mooncity Wireless PTZ IP Camera 

This is a perfect choice camera because most people term it because of the 360 degrees full coverage of the position of concern or your home in particular.

Additionally, it has an extended feature on your app, which allows you to include several viewers, like your wife or roommate.

Key Features 

The camera supports up to 60 days of coverage with a storage of 128 GB SD cards and further supported by the cloud services.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a 1/3.0 color CMOS sensor that has an HD function to improve your quality image viewing.


  • Remote viewing and sharing
  • Alarm notifications
  • Has a two-way audio feature.


  • Can fall off when placed badly

Buying Guide for Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

You want to consider several crucial factors prior to purchasing a PTZ camera including:

Remote Operation Ability

Wouldn’t it be great to access your camera in real time from wherever you are? That is actually possible with a camera that has remote access capabilities.

You will be able to monitor whatever is happening at your premises while travelling or absent. This means that your camera has to be compatible with your smartphone or any other device you intend to use for remote control.

Night Vision

You want your PTZ camera to be able to capture footage and images in low light conditions and for that; it needs to have the night vision feature.

Trespassers will often visit your premises at night when they are less likely to get caught. If your camera has this capability, you will be able to see whatever goes on in your premises even in the dark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you have a question or two about these cameras. We have addressed several below to quench your thirst.

What is PTZ control for CCTV?

PTZ cameras are capable of remote zoom and directional control. In TV production, these cameras are used along with video cameras to cover sports events and the like.

Most people in that field usually refer to them as robotic cameras.

What is the difference between Tilt and Pan?

Tilting refers to when the lens of the camera moves up and down while keeping its horizontal axis stationary. It is sort of, like when you nod your head up and down.

Pan, on the other hand refers to when the lens moves from side to your side. You can compare it with looking from left to right.

Best Overall

Based on the analysis of the best Pan Tilt Zoom camera, the best of our choices is the Wyze PTZ WIFI 2-Way Audio Indoor Home Camera. This is because it comes with superior features for your home security and surveillance. We, therefore, recommend it as our best choice.

Final Thoughts

As long as you want to monitor a large area, a PTZ camera will come in handy. The fact that it also allows for remote control makes it even better.

With this guide, you should be able to get your hands on a functional and flexible surveillance system so happy shopping!

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