What’s the Best Monopod in 2023? We Review the Top 12 Popular Picks

Most photographers would rather use monopods instead of tripods and you might wonder why. The truth is that monopods come with many advantages compared to tripods that make them preferable.

Tripods are bulkier making them difficult to carry, not to mention that they take a lot of time to unfold and set up.

In that regard, you want to get the best monopod that will provide you with that lift of stability you need when shooting.

Come with us as we help you pick the perfect one.

Best Monopod

Top-Rated Monopods: Comparison Table

Whether you’re looking for one for gimbal, sports, wildlife or even wedding videography, one of the following monopods is sure to tickle your fancies. Have a look.

RankingProduct NameMaximum HeightMaterial
1Sirui P-326 Carbon Fiber Monopod60.62 inchesCarbon fiber
2Benro 4 Series Flip-Lock Video Monopod70.5 inchesAluminum
3Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod67 inchesAluminum
4Sirui P-204SR P Series Monopod63 InchesAluminum
5AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod66.93 inchesAluminum
6DIGIANT MP-3606 Professional Video Monopod70 inchesAluminum
7Polaroid 72″ Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod72.04 InchesAluminum
8Manfrotto 290 4-Section Monopod59.4 InchesCarbon-fiber
9ManfrottoXpro Monopod5 InchesAluminum
10Manfrotto Element Aluminum 5-Section Monopod59.06 InchesAluminum
11Benro MAD49C 4 Series Carbon Fiber Monopod72.05 InchesCarbon-fiber
12Cayer AF34 Professional Video Monopod71.2 InchesAluminum

1. Sirui P-326 Carbon Fiber Monopod

The Sirui P-326 is one functional, and classy, monopod that comes with a carbon fiber material.

This monopod can be trustworthy for holding on a camera without it shaking too much.

A downside of the monopod though, is that it is built from flimsy plastic parts that are somehow weak.

Key Features

The monopod by Sirui comes with a carbon fiber construction and silicone twist locking system that makes it very stable.

Additionally, it has an insulated foam grip that makes it very hard to slide, and you could rarely drop your camera.

Also, the monopod can be extended to a maximum of 62.4 meters.


  • Ultra-light
  • Versatile floor spike
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Extension mechanism


  • Some flimsy plastic parts

2. Benro 4 Series Flip-Lock Video Monopod

This Benro Monopod comes with four flip sections, and many claims are that it looks very impressive.

Additionally, the monopod has a no-frills design, a classic, and a simple set up.

Key Features

This monopod has an S6 Video head that allows for 360 degrees panning rotation.

In addition, it comes with the 3-leg base featuring 4X aluminum tubes that can extend up to around 69.1 inches.

The 3-leg base features a 3/8-16 female threaded foot to aid in the attachment to the monopod.


  • Simple design
  • Aluminum material
  • Three-legged base


  • The build quality might be low

3 . Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod

The Dolica WT-1003 could be the best choice for anyone looking for a lightweight monopod.

In addition, the monopod is believed to work very well with a mirrorless camera.

The downside of the monopod is when many photographers claim that it can be a little shaky.

Key Features

The monopod supports quite some weight. It is estimated to support not more than 6.7 pounds. When the weight exceeds it, the camera becomes a little shaky.

Additionally, the monopod has an extended length because it reaches up to 67 inches.

Also, the monopod has been made using ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy construction.


  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Ultra-lightweight material


  • A little shaky

4. Sirui P-204SR P Series Monopod

The Sirui P-204SR Monopod has been designed with photographers in mind.

In addition, the monopod has a base with three fold-down feet that turn it into a mini tripod.

On the flip side, though, the monopod is a little bit expensive for some buyers. However, the monopod is worth every buck.

Key Features

The unique feature of this monopod is the base. It not only gives your camera a stable base but also allows a 360-degree swivel and 20-degree tilt movement.

Moreover, the monopod comes with a foam grip and a wrist strap that allows for a comfortable grip whenever you are taking those shots in the studio.

Also, the monopod has been made using an aluminum alloy that is lightweight with 4-section design to extend to a maximum of 63.5 inches.


  • Foam grip and wrist strap
  • Extends to 63.5 inches
  • Aluminum alloy construction


  • Expensive

5. AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

The AmazonBasics 67-inch monopod is what many photographers like to go for whenever they require good monopods on a budget.

This is because of its lightweight. Also, the monopod is beautiful and simple.

However, many photographers might have a feeling that the monopod has been cheaply made and of low quality from its look.

Key Features

This monopod has the capability of supporting almost every type of cameras, ranging from still cameras and video cameras, provided the maximum weight of 6.6 pounds is not exceeded.

Additionally, the monopod has a four-leg section that can extend up to 67 inches.

Just like many monopods, the monopod comes with a built-in ergonomic grip and adjustable wrist strap.


  • Cushion grip and wrist strap
  • Impressive height
  • Capable of supporting many cameras


  • Its appearance may look cheap

6. DIGIANT MP-3606 Professional Video Monopod

One thing that comes to any person’s mind whenever they hear the Digiant MP-3606 monopod is versatility.

In addition, this monopod hits the nail on the head whenever you think of flexibility, as it is the mother of flexible in monopods.

However, the monopod is believed to be slightly heavy, and the material used to make it are expected to be sturdy but many people think otherwise.

Key Features

The Digiant MP-3606 has the capability of extending up to 70 inches, and this gives you room for adjusting it to your eye level.

Furthermore, the monopod comes with a three-way pan head that can rotate 360 degrees giving you the capability to take panoramic shots and videos.


  • Compatible with many cameras
  • 360-degree pan
  • 70-inch height
  • Tilting body


  • A bit heavy and not sturdy

7. Polaroid 72″ Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod

One thing that make the Polaroid monopod sound awesome is simplicity.

Unlike many of the monopods in this review, this one, in particular, does not have many features that could otherwise make it more complicated.

However, the monopod is not that strong when its weight is exceeded, and photographers try to follow the indicated instructions.

Key Features

The monopod has a high-density, but unfortunately, it does not come with a sweat foam grip to increase stability.

Additionally, the monopod has a quad-section and comes with aluminum leg features stay-set locking mechanism.

Also, the monopod is compact and lightweight for you to carry it anywhere you need it. It extends to 72 inches.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for tall photographers


  • Might not be suitable for heavy cameras

8. Manfrotto 290 4-Section Monopod

This Manfrotto 290 4-section monopod is one the top monopods you will find in the present days.

In addition, the monopod is believed to be lightweight as it has been made from aluminum alloy.

On the flip side, some not-well-established photographers find the monopod unaffordable. However, the features make it worthy of your penny.

Key Features

The monopod, being made from aluminum, can carry a camera not exceeding 5 kilograms.

Additionally, it comes with aluminum legs, which are very simple to set up and collapse when you are carrying or storing them.

Furthermore, you will get a wrist strap and legwarmer, which makes the monopod convenient, even carrying around.


  • Stable
  • Takes a maximum of 5 kgs
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up and collapse


  • Might be unaffordable to many

9. ManfrottoXpro Monopod

This ManfrottoXpro Monopod is one of the best-rated monopods in our review.

It has been designed with professional photographers and videographers in mind, which makes it be of high quality.

The downside of the monopod, though, is that it has a very unstable tripod that make photo-taking hectic.

Key Features

The monopod comes with a base that is fluid-tech for smooth movements in all directions that you will be taking photos.

Additionally, the monopod comes with a newly designed rubber legwarmer that helps you move the monopod easily.

Apart from that, it has the great operating height for overhead shooting because it can extend to a maximum height of 79.9 inches.


  • High-quality
  • Fluid-tech base
  • Easy to use


  • Tripod not very stable

10. Manfrotto Element Aluminum 5-Section Monopod

This monopod made by Manfrotto is one of the monopods that are made with simplicity in mind of the manufacturer.

Apart from that, the monopod makes work simple and the output is of high-quality.

On the flip side, though, the monopod does not have the capability of extending more for taller people.

Key Features

The monopod comes with an interchangeable foot that, according to the type of floor you will be using, you can either choose rubber or spike.

In addition, the monopod is made from strong aluminum, and this makes it high quality and durable.

Also, the monopod comes with an ergonomic handgrip with a wrist strap.


  • Great for traveling
  • Good quality
  • Simple to use


  • Not favorable for very tall people

11. Benro MAD49C 4 Series Carbon Fiber Monopod

This monopod by Benro combines flip lever locks and sleek classic design to bring about functionality and stability to photographers.

Additionally, this monopod can withstand weights of up to 18 kilograms despite its weight of only 500 grams.

Key Features

The monopod has five sections on its carbon fiber tube that can be extended to a maximum height of 72 inches.

Apart from that, it comes with a planting plate with a highly threaded functional reversible mount that is used for attaching a video head.

This monopod can be used in a studio or for location shooting. You decide.


  • Easy to use
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • Portable


  • Its ball head is weak

12. Cayer AF34 Professional Video Monopod

This is another 4-section aluminum camera support monopod that comes with a tripod base.

With this type of a tripod, you can always enjoy recording using a video camera or a camcorder; it will be up to your choice here.

Key Features

The monopod comes with a pan, tilt head with a 3/8″ easy link connector for accessories.

Apart from that, this monopod has a leg that extends up to 71.2 inches when fully stretched. This sounds good for tall photographers.

The monopod allows for 360 degrees swiveling and, in addition, 45 degrees tilting and a 90-degree drop notch. All this will make it easy for you to adjust based on your topography.


  • High quality
  • Pan, tilt head
  • Extends up to 71.2 inches


  • Pan might be very tight

How to Choose the Perfect Monopod

For you to get a suitable monopod, you want to consider several factors such as:

Stability and Strength

Your monopod of choice has to be able to accommodate the weight of your lens, accessories, and camera combined.

If it is not strong and sturdy, you will not be able to get quality shots.

Monopod Height

You want to get a monopod with a height that you will be able to reach. Generally, it should not be too high or too low because you will mostly be shooting mid-air.

Grip Strength

Monopods should have a grip on top. Cheaper ones usually have a grip made of foam while costlier options will usually have textured rubber.

Of course, you need a strong grip so we recommend going for rubber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several commonly asked questions on this topic that can be of help.

Is a monopod worth it?

Yes, it is. Monopods come with many benefits but the main ones include their portability and ease of use.

Why do I need a monopod?

As a photographer, you will appreciate the compactness of monopods and their portability. You can discreetly carry yours into an event and use it easily as it does not take much effort to set up.

Verdict: Here’s Our Best Choice

Based on our in-depth analysis, we are very confident to rank Dolica WT-1003 Lightweight Monopod as the best monopod in our review. Why? You might be asking yourself.

Well, this monopod for starters is made of very lightweight aluminum alloy, which makes it very portable. You can carry it whenever you are planning to take the photo or video shoots with ease.

Apart from that, the camera favors tall photographers as it can be extended up to a maximum of 67 inches. Also, the monopod can withstand the weight of up to 6.7 pounds. These are some of the awesome features that make us, without any doubt, highly recommend this monopod for you.

Final Thoughts

Buying a monopodis one of the best investments you can ever make as a photographer. This simple tool allows you to rest by taking the weight of your camera for some time.

You want to move away from the restriction that comes with tripods. For one, these are not allowed in most places for example tourist attractionsand airplanes mostly because they take up a lot of space.

With a monopod, you will not have to worry about such limitations. They fold down into compact sizes and are easy to put up making them ideal for travellers.

We believe this guide has equipped you with all the information you need to make the right choice so go ahead and do it.

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