What’s the Best GPS with Backup Camera? 8 Navigators Reviewed

You may want to get yourself the best GPS with backup camera if you frequently go for car drives.This will avail you with all you need to know about any location.

With this device, you can be able to capture your entire experience on the road and share it with your loved ones.

This guide is aimed at helping you choose a device that will help you trace your location easily and keep an eye on your environment at the same time.

Best GPS with Backup Camera

Top-Rated GPS + Backup Cameras: Comparison Table

Before we delve deeper into the details, we’d like to provide you with the following list. It brings together the top-rated choices we could find for you out there.

RankingProduct NameStyleScreen Size
1GarminNuvi 2539LMT GPS NavigatorBase Model5 Inches
2Garmin Drive Smart 65 & Traffic GPS NavigatorDrive Smart 65 & Traffic6.95 Inches
3GarminDezl 770LMTHD GPS NavigatorBase7 Inches
4Drive 50 USA LM GPS Navigator SystemWith Lifetime Maps (USA)5 Inches
5Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup CameraBackup Camera
6GarminDezlCam LMTHD Truck NavigatorTruck Navigator6.1 Inches
7GarminDriveAssist 51 NA LMT-S NavigatorNew5 Inches
8Garmindezl 580 LMT-S Truck GPS NavigatorTruck GPS Navigator5 Inches

1. GarminNuvi 2539LMT GPS Navigator

Have you been searching for a navigator that can display your current driving speed, the road’s speed limit and when you are likely to arrive? Nuvi 2539LMT GPS navigator from Garmin is said to be able to show all these features.

You can pinch the screen to zoom. As such, you are likely to have a precise view of the images displayed which can prevent you from getting lost.

Key Features

The navigator is said to be compatible with the BC 30 wireless camera. But you have to purchase it separately as it is not included in the packaging.

Your search is likely to be faster as the unit has pre-loaded data from Foursquare. In addition, the junctions on your route are displayed on the screen using the bird’s eye view.

More Details

This navigator is claimed to alert you on traffic situations on the road. You also get informed about gas stations ahead, schools or food points.

One drawback with this navigator is that it does not have Bluetooth technology. This is a limitation when it comes to pairing the unit with your mobile devices for hands-free calling.


  • Zoom capability
  • Traffic alert feature
  • Supports wireless backup camera
  • Pre-loaded data


  • Does not support Bluetooth

2. Garmin Drive Smart 65 & Traffic GPS Navigator

Pairing your GPS navigator with your smartphone enables you to stay in touch during your fishing activities. With Garmin Drive Smart 65 navigator, pairing is said to be possible using the Bluetooth wireless technology.

You can use the navigator with your compatible smartphone to download the Garmin Drive App. The App is claimed to provide real-time traffic information.

Key Features

The built-in Wi-Fi connectivity comes in handy when you are updating the navigator. You can add new information to the software without using a computer.

This navigator has preloaded maps that are displayed in 3D for easy viewing. The directions given are clear and understandable.

More Details

You get alerts of your surroundings for safety purposes. Such alerts could save your life, especially in new unfamiliar environments.

What’s more, the navigator seems like a good one although some customers have reported that it overheats. You are to have it on the dashboard but once it gets hot, the unit may go off on its own.


  • Easy to use
  • Wireless technology
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Drive alerts feature


  • The device overheats

3. GarminDezl 770LMTHD GPS Navigator

According to Garmin, this Dezl 770LMTHD navigator has maps with custom truck routes showing the recommended truck size and weight. As such, you can take the suitable route to your destination.

This navigator is said to give warning as you drive towards bridges, sharp bends and weight limits. The warning is helpful for safety purposes and important in case you driving in a new location.

Key Features

You can know the sunrise and sunset times of your location using this navigator. This is important in areas where there are travel time regulations on trucks as you are unlikely to violate the regulations.

The unit comes with pre-loaded maps to make your navigation easy. You can also download maps of new locations with recent points of interest.

More Details

Garmin states that their navigator can record your truck’s hours of service. This feature enables you to keep track of mileage plus truck maintenance.

This seems like a good navigator since it is said to be easy to use. However, the navigator is only suitable for trucks and trailers.


  • 7-inch screen display
  • Route shaping feature
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Upgradeable unit


  • Only suitable for trucks

4. Drive 50 USA LM GPS Navigator System from Garmin

Did you know you can choose between horizontal and vertical views when using your navigator? Yes, with the Drive 50 USA LM navigator from Garmin, you get a dual-orientation display.

The navigator is said to support Garmin babyCam. As such, you can easily know what the toddlers at the backseat are up to without having to turn your head frequently.

Key Features

This navigator is alleged to be compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.4. In addition, it supports the use of a USB cord for data transfer.

Its display resolution is said to be 480 x 272 pixels for clear images. Furthermore, the spoken instructions are claimed to be simple to understand.

More Details

Foursquare has pre-loaded data into the unit to simplify your navigation. Besides that, the navigator can show you the speed limit of the road you are using.

Garmin claims that their Drive 50 USA LM GPS navigator is accurate in giving directions. But some customers disagree because they say the unit asked them to turn right yet they were supposed to turn left.


  • Compatible with Windows XP
  • Easy to use
  • Dual-orientation display
  • Spoken instructions


  • Gives inappropriate direction

5. Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

You no longer have to worry about hitting what is behind your vehicle since you reverse. The camera is claimed to support rearward visibility to prevent accidents.

Garmin alleges that this camera can withstand harsh weather. This is an important feature, considering that it is mounted at the rear of the vehicle.

Key Features

This camera can be used with other additional cameras to increase your angle of view. Besides that, the camera is said to be compatible with most Garmin navigators.

Once you connect the camera to a power outlet, you can interchangeably use the backup display or the navigation display mode. The manufacturer recommends the use of a professional in setting up the camera.

More Details

The wireless camera is able to transmit videos from as far as 45 feet away. This makes it seem like a good choice as a navigator back up camera.

Some customers who purchased this product say its resolution is unclear. You can see your surroundings but the precise details like location names tend to be blurry.


  • Wireless connection
  • Can withstand harsh weather
  • Compatible with Garmin navigators
  • Supports rearward visibility


  • Blurry resolution

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6. GarminDezlCam LMTHD Truck Navigator

Did you know you can plan your journey in finer details to save time? This may be possible with this DezlCam LMTHD truck navigator from Garmin with a trip planner said to enable you to create stops to suit your schedule.

The built-in camera is purported to work well since it has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. In addition, the swivel lens is adjustable for an optimal viewing angle from the dashboard or windshield.

Key Features

You can get driver alerts when using this navigator. The alerts enable you to be aware of the features ahead of you like bridges, sharp curves or hazardous elements for your safety.

The camera on the navigator has an Incident detection feature that is supposed to automatically save video footage in case of a collision or sudden braking. There is also a snapshot feature for still pictures.

More Details

You can avoid breaking regulations of the locations you are driving into when using this navigator. The navigator is claimed to be able to show you the times for sunrise and sunset, enabling you to pick a place to rest.

Even though this seems like a good navigator, some customers have complained that it goes off on its own. They apparently found it to be disappointing when they had to keep switching the device on to get information.


  • Built-in camera
  • Customized routes
  • Driver alerts
  • Trip planner feature


  • Goes off frequently

7. GarminDriveAssist 51 NA LMT-S Navigator

Do not miss out on that important call because you are driving. Try out the Garmin DriveAssist 51 NA LMT-S navigator with Bluetooth technology that is said to allow hands-free phone use.

This navigator is claimed to be easy to use with spoken instructions. In addition, you pinch the screen when you need to zoom.

Key Features

Pre-loaded maps are likely to make navigation easy. Moreover, there are updates on the unit at no extra cost throughout the time you use this Garmin product.

The camera is said to record and save automatically as you drive. As such, you can access the saved information whenever necessary.

More Details

Driver alerts come in handy, especially when you are unfamiliar with the environment. With this navigator, you are likely to know that you are approaching a bridge or a gas station.

One disadvantage with this navigator is its failure to display the speed limit. Some customers find this to be disappointing as the information is useful.


  • Bluetooth technology
  • Built-in dash camera
  • Driver alerts
  • Pre-loaded maps


  • Does not display speed limit

8. Garmindezl 580 LMT-S Truck GPS Navigator

Looking for a navigator to pair with your smartphone? Using the Smartphone Link app, you can pair the navigator with your smartphone to be able to get real-time information.

This navigator is claimed to make tracking and dispatch a simple task. Messages can be sent to the driver with the address of their destination and they can click on it for the routing.

Key Features

Using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous since you can cause accidents. With this navigator that has Bluetooth technology, you can use your phone hands-free.

Get to know of sharp bends before you get to them with the predictive driver alert feature. This feature helps in case you have to slow down.

More Details

Stay on track with the latest updates to make your navigation better. This is possible with the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity on the navigator.

Some customers have reported that this navigator gives inaccurate routes. Instead of showing the most convenient road for you to follow, it takes you to dead ends.


  • Predictive alert feature
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Pair-able with smartphones
  • Voice-activated navigation


  • Inaccurate route display

How to Choose a Backup Camera with GPS

You need to be very careful when selecting your GPS and here are some of the crucial factors to consider when picking one.

Device Integration

A good GPS backup camera should be able to effortlessly integrate with your car. The hi-tech development that is incorporated in this device should make things easier for you while you are out on the road.

Display Size

We all know that a bigger screen is paramount when surfing the internet or watching movies but you also need one for your backup camera.

A large display size will enhance your experience by providing you with a clear picture of your surroundings and guiding you to your location.

Image Resolution

You want your GPS unit to show clear maps and images and for that, it needs to have high resolution. Without this important feature, you may be unable to identify all roads and read names accurately.

The higher the resolution you get, the better your experience will be.

Ease of Installation

While most GPS units with backup cameras are easy to set up, you may come across one that is a bit complex.

An easy installation process involves mounting the GPS unit on your rear view mirror, fitting the stereo in the radio space, and the dash cam on the dashboard.

Besides the installation process being easy, the system should not take up too much space in your car either.

Touch Screen

You want your system to include a touch screen mode to allow for zooming and rotation of images. This will allow for easier navigation of roads.

Generally, the ideal GPS with a support camera should provide you with the connectivity and comfort you need while driving your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you may have a question or two that you want addressed on this topic. In that regard, we have answered a few that can be of help below.

Can my backup camera remain on?

Yes, it can especially if it is accurately wired.

Where is the backup camera located?

Most vehicles have a place at the rear center of the trunk lid for placement of the backup camera.

Best Overall Choice

Garmin Nuvi 2539LMT GPS Navigator is our best GPS with a backup camera. It features a driver alert aspect for safety purposes. Besides that, this navigator is relatively easy to use with zoom capability.

Final Thoughts

Safety is paramount whenever you are out on the road and having a GPS system with a backup camera can help you achieve that.

Aside from helping you locate different places, this device also helps you get a clear view of your surroundings and maps.

We believe you are now equipped with all the information you need to pick the right product after reading this guide so knock yourself out.

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