10 Best DSLR Microphone 2023 Models Reviewed [Unbiased Verdict]

If you are not new to photography, chances are high that you are acquainted with DSLR cameras because they have been an industry staple for years.

These cameras come with a host of benefits that any photographer will appreciate, but without quality audio, they can rapidly be termed as useless.

As such, you want to get your hands on the best DSLR microphone that will complement the quality of your footage.

Best DSLR Microphone

High-Rated Microphones for DSLR: Comparison Table

What we have here is a table that brings together some affordable mics we came across during our research. Each one of these is bound to make your DSLR capture even better audio for you.

RankingProduct NameHardware PlatformPolar Pattern
1Rode VideoMic + Fuzzy Windjammer KitCameraUnidirectional
2Shure -VP83F Lens Hopper MicrophoneCameraUnidirectional
3TAKSTAR SGC-598 MicrophoneCamcorder, CameraUnidirectional
4Zoom SSH-6 Shotgun Stereo Microphone
5Movo VXR10 Universal MicrophoneTablet, Camera, SmartphoneUnidirectional
6Rode VideoMicro On-Camera MicrophoneCameraUnidirectional
7Rode Compact VideoMic Pro VMP MicrophoneCamera
8Tascam TM-2X High-Stereo X-Y MicrophoneCameraUnidirectional
9Rode VideoMic Pro Directional MicrophoneCameraUnidirectional
10Movo Zoom F1-SP Field RecorderAudio Recorder, Camera

1. Rode VideoMic + Fuzzy Windjammer Kit

When looking for the best DSLR mic, you would go for one with unbeatable durability, versatility, usability, as well as high audio quality. And that’s what this premium-quality equipment is designed to offer with a great sense of convenience.

In terms of design, this microphone features an 80Hz high pass filter that works perfectly when it comes to noise reduction. Therefore, it will only give clear and high quality audio.

Not to mention, it also features an upgraded shock mounting system that works awesomely for Isolation of VideoMic capsule and electronics from the metal shoe. As such, it prevents any vibration or rumbles from compromising the audio quality.

More interestingly, it requires no extra adopters since it’s designed with a premium metal shoe featuring 0.375-inch standard thread that’s great for boomsticks.

Key features

This microphone is black and durably constructed to go long into the future while offering exceptional service.

In addition to that, it features Rycote Lyre Mount that makes it easy to use with any personal DSLR camera without hassle.

Better yet, this shotgun microphone is designed with a 0.375-inch metal shoe, 80Hz high pass filter, selectable A -10 & -20dB level attenuation.  And on top of that, it also comes with a custom wind buster.


  • High quality audio
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Versatile
  • Requires no extra adapters
  • Comes with custom wind busters


  • Doesn’t filter sound as expected

2. Shure -VP83F Lens Hopper Microphone

This is another fantastic microphone for recording professional audio for videos.

It’s designed for recording high definition audio characterized with full low-end noise minimization to produce exceptional sound quality.

Whether you’re looking for a super microphone for sports, music videos, or for recording movies, this microphone gives you endless opportunities.

Without mentioning, it features a super-cardioid polar pattern that is highly effective in minimizing and cancelling any unwanted noise while it focuses on the required sound.

As if that’s not enough, it captures comes with two alkaline batteries that can power this microphone for at least 10 hours.

Key Features

It’s black and has a robust construction that improves its longevity. Another exciting feature of this high quality equipment is its separate power system consisting of 2 AA batteries.

Unlike other microphones that draw power from a camera, this one uses the external power source, thereby allowing you to shoot long video hours without running out of charge.

Also, it has high RF immunity that protects against the distractive audio artifacts from RF devices and cellular components.

And on top of that, it has a Rycote Lyre shock system with superior isolation from mechanical noise and vibrations.


  • Robust Rycote Lyre shock isolation system
  • High RF immunity
  • Stylish design
  • Superb noise cancellation features
  • Allows for up to 10 hours of video capture


  • Highly-priced

3. TAKSTAR SGC-598 Microphone

This is one of the top-rated microphones that you can use with Canon and Nikon cameras to record the best quality videos with audios.

With its low-frequency attenuation and 10dB sensitivity, this SGC-598 produces the best audio that can match any standard.

In addition to that, it uses a standard universal connector that is pretty easy to fix to any Nikon or Canon camera.

If you’re looking for the best microphone that guarantees high quality audio-visual recordings, then this might be what you’re lacking.

Key Features

One of the most exciting features of this professional microphone is the high-condenser sensitivity that makes it record high definition audio.

It has a single heart-shaped pick-up that can effectively minimize any noise from the surrounding during the pick-up time. As such, you can rest assured that no noise distraction will compromise your audio quality.

Besides that, this high tech microphone features a shock-resistant structural design with noise cancellation features.

These features reduce the pick-up of noise resulting from the mechanical components and environment, thereby maintaining a clear audio recording.

As if that’s not enough, it uses a low-frequency attenuation of 200Hz to helps it record high-quality videos in any field.

Last but not least, it has 10dB sensitivity enhancement that allows the microphone to record even the lowest sound.


  • Has a shock-resistance structural design
  • High sensitivity
  • Low-frequency attenuation
  • Has background noise cancellation feature
  • Durably designed with sturdy and robust materials


  • Not great for recording actions

4. Zoom SSH-6 Shotgun Stereo Microphone Capsule

This is a mid-stereo microphone that can be hand for any videographer across all the expertise levels.

Whether you’re an amateur in the field trying to record personal video or a professional working on a project, this microphone brings you a high level of convenience.

In addition to that, it’s fully mono-compatible and also works well with zoom H5 and H6.

Besides that, it has a powerful directional mic for with its pick-up positioned at the center, and a bidirectional mic positioned to pick-up sounds from the left and right side.

Moreover, this revolutionary equipment has advanced features for processing digital signals in half the size of other conventional units.

Key Features

It’s a versatile compound microphone that comes with numerous features and customization that would make any video recording project a success.

Not to mention, it features two types of microphones that ensure the videos you record are nothing but pure gold.

If you’re a professional videographer, the full range of customizations that comes with this upgraded microphone might impress you.

And on top of that. This microphone comes with 5-volts preamp that immunes your sound from getting distorted, even recording at very high volumes.

Moreover, this microphone has a hairy Windscreen that helps in the reduction of any noise that results from the wind.

As if that’s not enough, it has analog-style gain control that allows for fast adjustments of input levels.


  • Designed with side and center microphones
  • Has advanced signal processing
  • Advanced noise reduction features
  • Minimized distortion at high volumes
  • High audio quality


  • No manufacturer warranty or guarantee

5. Movo VXR10 Universal Microphone

It’s one of the most versatile microphones that is highly selling in the market. Based on its design, this microphone is highly compatible and great for any kind of recording.

Whether you want to record family vacations, trips, Youtube Vlogs, interviews, tutorials, live music, or any other outdoor live event, your opportunities are endless.

In addition to that, this microphone has universal compatibility that allows you to use it with mobile phones (iPhone & Android), cameras, Audio recorders, Camcorders, tablets, and laptops.

Besides that, you can use it as DSLR or iPhone microphone to record a video with the outstanding video quality.

Key Features

This microphone is durably constructed with high-class aluminum that helps to keep its lightweight and also improves its longevity.

Also, it has a sturdy design featuring an integrated shock mount that is perfect for minimizing handling noise.

Better yet, this compact shotgun microphone allows recording high quality audio with minimum background noise in almost every scenario.

Most importantly, this microphone is considered a risk-free product as the manufacturer is confident of its performance and stands behind it with a 1-year warranty.

And on top of that, it comes with a soft case, furry ‘Deadcat’ windscreen, a TRS output cable (3.5mm) used for recorders, camcorders, and DALR cameras.

Also, it includes a TRR output cables (3.5mm) that you can use with smartphones, mac, and tablets.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Battery-free design
  • Compact design
  • Universally compatible
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Somehow delicate

6. Rode VideoMicro On-Camera Microphone

This microphone has a compact design that makes it suitable for use with virtually all personal video cameras.

In addition to that, it’s lightweight and durably constructed to offer service for an extended period. With its exceptional audio quality, this Rode’s microphone is excellent for recording videos in almost every project.

Without mentioning, it has a battery-free design. Since you wouldn’t require batteries for powering your mic, it saves on the extra cost that you could have instead incurred in buying batteries separately.

Most importantly, it features a high-end cardioid condenser capsule for recording high quality audio when in use with a wide variety of cameras.

Key Features

It’s a directional microphone with advance side noise cancellation that makes it capture high quality audio that accompanies your fantastic inspirational videos.

Besides that, it has a durably constructed aluminum body that not only makes it last long into the future but also boosts its level of RF rejection.

Moreover, it features an anti-glare black ceramic coating that gives it a great visual appeal.

Also, this microphone incorporates a VideoMicro with Rycote Lyre shock mount that contributes significantly when it comes to the quality of the recording.

And top of that, it features a hard-wearing thermoplastic suspension structure that is excellent in dealing with cable-born noise and unwanted vibrations.


  • Durably constructed body with a compact design
  • Records high quality audio
  • Designed with a hard-wearing suspension structure
  • Incorporates a furry windshield for outdoor use
  • Designed with a VideoMicro


  • It reduces the maximum video recording hours

7. Rode Compact VideoMic Pro VMP Microphone

Looking for a broadcast-quality condenser microphone? Well, this might be the only equipment you need to make exceptional audio recordings.

Besides that, this microphone has a compact design that makes it highly versatile.

As such, you can mount it on almost every DSLR camera and record videos with high quality audio accompanying the inspirations and actions.

Another thing that is considered a great plus with this top-rated mic is the ultra-lightweight. This does not only increase its efficiency but also increases convenience on your side.

As if that’s not enough, the microphone is powered with an alkaline battery capacity of 9 volts and runs for 70 hours of audio recording before getting fully drained.

Key Features

Compact design and high-quality condenser capsules are some of the outstanding features that make this microphone accessible. The small size makes it possible to use the camera with nearly all the personal cameras.

In addition to that, it incorporates a super-cardioid pickup pattern that makes it record audio from the front while minimizing the distraction caused by side and rear noise. 

With the integration of foam windscreen and a shock mount, this microphone minimizes wind noise as well as the noise from handling of the equipment.

Moreover, this mic has 3-level control at the rear end that provides a -10dB, 0dB, as well as a +20dB modes.

Other than that, this incredible device has a two-step high-pass filter. As such, it allows you to minimize the unwanted internal components noise and low-frequency hum.


  • Constructed with high-quality material
  • Designed with a standard camera shoe
  • It has a high cardioid pickup pattern
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality audio recording


  • Some customers don’t like it.

8. Tascam TM-2X High-Stereo X-Y Microphone

This premium quality device incorporates great functionality features that make it record high quality audio without using video star equipment.

In addition to that, it uses two capsules to capture the real sound that makes a high-quality audiovisual with a natural touch.

Moreover, this microphone features a unique design that distinguishes it from other brands in the field. One such feature is the ability to handle the high sound of up to 120 dB SP.

Better yet, it has a two-stage adjustment for the output level that gives it high compatibility with virtually all the DSLR cameras.

Key Features

It’s is designed with two mic capsules that are great for capturing a high quality natural audio that gives your video a non-robotic atmosphere.

Besides that, it’s designed to handle high sound pressure of up to 120 dB SP.

 In addition to that, this microphone comes with a connecting cord with jack pins that you can easily plug in to connect the two components.

Moreover, it comes with a shoe adopter that you can easily attach to the camera tripod mounting threads as well as on the camera accessories shoe.

And on top of that, the gear also features on-board low-cut filter that-cuts-of low frequency and other distractions.


  • High quality audios
  • Two microphone capsules
  • Can handle high sound pressure
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comes with input jack


  • No manufactures warranty or guarantee

9. Rode VideoMic Pro Directional On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

Rode Company is famous for producing high-quality microphones for DSLR cameras. Therefore, this cannot be an exception.

With its compact design, this microphone offers endless opportunities for using it with a wide range of cameras in the field.

In addition to that, it has automatic power functions characterized by plug-in power availability that makes this microphone great for a run-and-gun shooter.

Besides that, the microphone automatically turns off anytime when it’s unplugged from the camera. With this kind of savvy technology, you wouldn’t panic about your batteries running down.

And on top of that, it features digital-switching technology that ensures that it enables you to have an ultimate capture of the audio signals right at the source. As such, it reduces the hassle that comes in the post-production editing.

Key Features

One of the unique features of this microphone is its Rycote Lyre suspension system.

Besides that, it has a VideoMic Pro+ that significantly improves the VideoMic Pro capsule and a windshield to ensure high quality audio is recorded.

With its revolutionary automatic power functions, this microphone switches off automatically when unplugged out of the camera.

When it comes to power source, this microphone is designed to use either one rechargeable RØDE LB-1 Lithium-Io or 2 AA batteries. Lastly, it has a built-in battery door for easy replacement.


  • Features automatic power functions
  • Dual power option
  • Rycote Lyre suspension system
  • Digital switching technology
  • Built-in battery door


  • Vulnerable to electronic interference

10. Movo Zoom F1-SP Field Recorder + Shotgun Microphone

It’s one of the advanced microphones for a video camera that you can use for making professional video recording with a natural and clear voice.

In addition to that, it features zoom F1 features that incorporate easy-to-read-display, one-touch control, as well as an on-board limiter.

Moreover, it has Movo Dead cut featuring slip over existing foam windscreen for reducing noise from the wind with up to 40dB.  Besides that, it also minimizes the ambiance and noise to allow the recording of a high quality video.

Key Features

This premium quality microphone comes with Shotgun Microphone, F1 2-Channel Audio Recorder, Shock mount, 3.5mm Connector Cable, Foam Windscreen, and 2x AAA Batteries.

Besides that, it features 32GB SDHC Card, transfer speed of up to 80 MB/s, SD adapter, Class 10 for Full High Definition video recording as well as playback.

And on top of that, it’s designed with Auto-Level Control, Records 24-Bit/96 kHz Audio for 6 ½ hours using 2 AA batteries.  And on top of that, the audio can, can be in either WAV or MP3.


  • Has powerful background noise reduction
  • High-speed recording
  • Doesn’t drain your camera charge
  • Has an auto-level control
  • Has a windscreen


  • Some customers do not like its large size

How to Pick the Ideal DSLR Microphone

Irrespective of whether you are recording a film, a bog, or an event, the audio quality can make or break your video.

There are numerous considerations you need to make as you search for the ideal microphone which include.

Where you are going to Use the Camera

This is crucial because some microphones are designed for outdoor use while others are not. If you plan to do most of your shooting outside, you want to get a microphone that comes with additional accessories and on board equipment to keep out any environmental noise that you may come across while filming outdoors.

Frequency Response

This refers to the audio frequencies that a microphone is most sensitive to and is expressed in Hertz (Hz).

Each camera model comes with its own frequency response, and that is why it is important to determine how you intend to use your camera.

For instance, if you will only be recording audio for a YouTube video, you will need a microphone with a reproduction of about 75Hz.

On the other hand, if you will be recording something like a film, you may want a frequency response of 15,000 Hz for better fluency.

Wireless vs. wired

First, you want to note that wired microphones are better than wireless ones in terms of reliability because the latter is more susceptible to radio frequency interference.

However, wired microphones do not offer the portability that wireless ones do. Your decision here should purely be based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions that can be of help.

What is microphone sensitivity?

Microphone sensitivity refers to the microphone’s ability to convert audio pressure into an electric current.

Which is the best digital camera microphone?

We cannot pinpoint one in particular because there are many good products out there. You want to consider the features of a particular microphone to determine whether it is worthy or not.

Our Best Pick

Based on our analysis, the Rode Video Mic + Fuzzy Windjammer Kit is our best DSLR microphone overall.  With its high versatility and universal compatibility, this microphone provides you with endless opportunities of recording high quality audio with any DSLR camera.

Besides that, it incorporates a host of new upgrades such as Rycote Lyre Mount, high sensitivity, integrated mounting system, 80Hzhigh pass filter, selectable attenuation, and requires no additional adaptors.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a great DSLR camera is not all there is to photography or videography. You also need to have great audio and for that, you need a quality microphone. This guide should help you make the right choice.

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