Best Cable for Security Cameras Review – Top 10 Cables and Buying Guide

A complete surveillance system is one that’s made up of great cameras, some reliable cables and a control room (or any device that allows you to view the footage). And while most people spend a lot on cameras and computer monitors or mobile gadgets, they tend to overlook the cables.

Ask any surveillance expert and they’ll tell you that you can only overlook the cables as your own peril. In that regard, we’d like to walk you through the best cable for security cameras review to, hopefully, help you make an informed verdict.

Best Cable for Security Cameras

Quality Cable for Security Cameras : Quick Table

Below is a shortened table comprising our top 10 favorites. Be sure to go through the table so you can get a rough idea of what the markets have in store for you.

RankingProduct NameColorBrand
1Amcrest SCBLEHD150BAMC4MBC28-W-V2Amcrest
2Masione 100 Feet BNC CCTV Camera
3ANNKE S.R.L Certified 4-Pack 100 FeetWhiteANNKE
4VideoSecu 100 Feet All-In-One Video Security CameraBlackVideoSecu
5WildHD 5.5mm IP Camera CableWhiteWILDHD
6Zosi 4X RCA BNC Extension Surveillance Camera CableBlackZOSI
7AbleGrid DVR Surveillance SystemBlackABLEGRID
8Masione 150 Feet Video Power CableMasione
9BNC 4X150 Feet Siamese Security Camera CableBlackWILDHD
10Real 18AWG DC Power Pigtail CableBlack and RedMILAPEAK

1. Amcrest SCBLEHD150B 4-Pack CCTV Security Camera Cable

These 150 feet Siamese Cables are a cost-effective way to provide surveillance in all kinds of premises. They come with BNC male connectors which are above average though offer less resolution than their HD-CVI counterparts.

Its male and female DC connectors are also nickel plated which ensures that they deliver high-quality images.


  • Its 150 feet long
  • Gold plated joints
  • Good value for money


  • Limited resolution transmitted

2. Masione 100 Feet BNC CCTV Camera Wire Cord

What you get here is a set of 4 cables each one of which is 100 feet long. And to ensure that you have the flexibility needed to capture and deliver high-quality images you get BNC to RCA adapters. This way, you can comfortably use the unit even for cameras with DC power only.

Worth noting is that this black cable is made from pure copper which provides you with top-notch transmission quality.


  • Reasonably priced
  • It’s a 4-in-one package
  • Good quality copper used
  • Great quality at signal transmission


  • A bit thin on the inside

3. ANNKE S.R.L Certified 4-Pack 100 Feet Video Power Cable

If quality is what you are after, we’d suggest you go for this cable from Annke. It is a pre-made video and power combo cable carved out of pure copper. As such it enjoys a high rate of signal transfer thanks to the fact that copper is a low resistance metal.

Moving on, this S.R.L certified cables provides you with standard DC power connectors which help make the cable quite practical. Last but not least, what you get here is a wire unit that’s protected inside PVC-45p molding for longevity.

Therefore, this might just be the best weatherproof cable for security cameras. And it’s no wonder the manufacturer provides a 90-day money back guarantee for it.


  • Good value for money
  • Made from pure copper
  • Flexible and weatherproof design
  • Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • The D/C wire isn’t heavy enough and the cable struggles with night-vision transmissions

4. VideoSecu 100 Feet All-In-One Video Security Camera

It is easy to underestimate the kind of power found in such a cable until you zoom in a little closer and see the kind of features it has in store for you. Right off the bat, this is a 100-foot cable which means it can supply signals from a vast territory.

Besides that, it comes with the capability to transmit the 720p video quality. In other words, it can work with most if not all modern-day surveillance camera systems. It, however, is meant specifically for cameras that support DC power only.

On top of that, it packs some BNC connectors which are above average in terms of the image resolution they deliver. However, if you’re looking for the gold standard, you might want to consider going for an HD-CVI caliber of cables.


  • Great packaging, tangle-free
  • Cheaply priced
  • They provide you with a generous 100 feet


  • Not durably sealed and may not last long in outdoor environments

5. WildHD 5.5mm IP Camera Cable (33 Feet)

Who said that you need a 100-foot cable to get the job done? If you’re operating in a tiny floor space and you want a good quality DVR cable, this would be an ideal one. It’s designed to work with both IP cameras and CCTV cameras.

Worth noting, however, is that this cable is meant to be used with cameras of DC input. And the best part is that it’s protected by a 1-year warranty along with lifetime support.

In our view, the cable is quite well-made although it didn’t appear well protected for all-weather use. But that said, it still provides you with good value for your money.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Great power transmission
  • High-quality connections
  • Easy to set up


  • Short length
  • Not tough enough for all-weather use

6. Zosi 4X RCA BNC Extension Surveillance Camera Cable

This 4-in-1 cable is designed to stun. It doubles up as a power cable and a BNC video cable a feat that makes it a perfect choice for surveillance systems. The wire itself is made from high-quality copper which is meant to improve the transmission of signal across the board.

Most importantly, the cable is encased in high-quality and protective PVC-45P molding which makes it tough and resilient. Therefore, it is weatherproof and also quite durable.


  • Weatherproof design
  • It’s a 4-in-1 cable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great quality assurance


  • Tends to lose quite some transmission power (too much resistance)

7. AbleGrid DVR Surveillance System, 100 Feet

This is yet another one of the security camera cables that are based on DC power supply. As such it does a pretty decent job of transmitting video signals. Most importantly, it comes with BNC to RCA adapters which makes it future-ready.

And to ensure that the transfer of signal happens seamlessly, what you get here is a wire that’s made using pure copper. As you know, this is one of the low-resistance yet highly durable metals available and it can play a major role in the transmission of signals with no loss of power.


  • A generous 100 feet provided
  • Has a fantastic 2.1mm center connection type
  • Comes with BNC to RCA adapters fully provided


  • The cable itself is disappointingly thin

8. Masione 150 Feet Video Power Cable for Security Cameras

This is probably the longest cable we’ve discussed for far. It might, therefore, be a perfect one to settle for if you’re connecting many surveillance cameras. What’s more? It can also be found in 100 feet and there is also the freedom to choose between the black and white color options.

And that’s not all. This cable works perfectly with all DC-powered camera systems. Most importantly, it’s quite easy to set up. Last but not least, it packs 2 RCA and BNC adapters.


  • Available in 150 feet which is quite long
  • Comes with RCA/BNC adapters
  • Provides you with 2.1 mm power connectors


  • The cords get tangled easily
  • Produces a rainbow when used with HD cameras

9. BNC 4X150 Feet Siamese Security Camera Cable

The Siamese type of cables remains quite popular because it’s cost effective to run. That, however, comes at the expense of good resolution. So, if you’re planning to use these on your HD cameras, they’re bound to disappoint.

On a positive note, the cables come with gold-plated riveted joints complete with BNC male connectors. That’s in addition to the fact that they do a stellar job of transmitting signals from DC powered cameras.


  • High-quality Siamese cables
  • Great length overall
  • Compatible with all CCTV camera brands
  • Can transmit up to 1080p images quality


  • Too much resistance across the 150ft length, you’d need to use a shorter length of it for better results

10. Real 18AWG DC Power Pigtail Cable

These cables are known for being highly durable and stable. Thanks to their heavy-gauge nature, they are quite reliable. Inside them are 43 pieces of 0.14mm copper strands (we’re talking about pure copper).

What’s more? This quality cable comes in handy in providing a secure and reliable connection along with rapid transmission. As such it is quite safe an option even for DIY use.


  • High quality of copper
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Backed by 30-day guarantee


  • Its fit is a bit loose on the barrels

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Cable for Security Cameras

The first factor to consider is the length of the cable. How much area do you want to put under surveillance? How far is this from your control room? If you have quite some distance to cover, we’d recommend going for a 100 foot or 150-foot variety.

Besides that, you want to consider the type of wire used inside the cable. With a high-quality cable like copper, you’re unlikely to encounter any major issues using the cable. However, it’s important to ensure that the copper used is thick enough to minimize resistance.

In fact, the longer the cable, the thicker its copper should be. That’s because long cables also tend to have high levels of resistance.

Another important factor to ponder on is the durability of the cable. If you’re planning to run the cable through an outdoor environment, it’s important to ensure that it’s also durable. Ideally, it should be encased in a weather-proof coat.

The quality of footage that a cable can transmit is also something worth considering. If possible, try to find a cable that can transmit 720p and above. This is especially important if you’re using HD surveillance cameras.

Which One Is The Best?

In our view, the Amcrest SCBLEHD150B 4-Pack CCTV Security Camera Cable. It’s long enough and capable of transmitting an above-average resolution.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to go for a cable that combines quality with durability. Most importantly, the cable should be compatible with the kind of cameras you plan to use. We hope that the guidelines provided above will help you arrive at an informed decision.

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