The Best Backup Camera with Night Vision in 2023: Top 12 Reviews

What would the world be without modern technology? Definitely not any easier. A backup camera is an important tool that offers you advanced techniques to get a better view of the rear of your car for more accurate reversing.

Setting up one of these amazing cameras on the license plate of your car will get you going. Nevertheless, there are several things to keep in mind when getting the best backup camera with night vision.

  • Image quality
  • Water resistance
  • Grid lines for easy reversal
Best Backup Camera with Night Vision

Awesome Backup Cameras with Night Vision: Comparison Table

Psst! Our reviews is quite long and detailed. So, be sure to take advantage of the brief table below if you’re looking to save time.

RankingProduct NameScreen SizeVideo Capture Resolution
1LeeKooLuu-Car Backup Camera4.3 Inches1080p
2Zeroxclub- Car Backup Camera7 Inches
3Esky-Car Backup Camera with Night Sensor
4Rear View Safety-Car Backup Camera System7 Inches800 x 480
5eRapta-ERT01 Car Backup Camera
6Auto-VoxM1WWireless Backup Camera4.3 Inches
7Auto-Vox Vehicle Reverse Backup Camera4 Inches
8eRapta Wireless Backup Camera7 Inches
9Auto-VoxVehicle Backup Camera3 Inches
10Emmako Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera7 Inches1080p
11Natika Night Vision Vehicle Backup Camera720p
12Raayoo Vehicle Backup Night Vision Camera4.3 Inches

1. LeeKooLuu-Car Backup Camera with Night Vision

Are you looking for the best backup camera with night vision? The LeeKooLuu boasts several functional features giving car owners value for money. First off, it has seven LED lights which help in night visibility. Secondly, it works using a 4.3 inch HD colored display monitor. The monitor has the capacity to view dual videos.

Thirdly, installing the unit on your car is not rocket science, simply clip the monitor on the windshield or dashboard and the HD camera on your car’s license plate.

Besides, the camera has IP69 waterproof features and therefore it is safe to use in all weathers with no risks of damaging the camera.

It also features grid lines that will come in handy when you are parking in narrow spaces.

Worth noting, the camera is powered conveniently by connecting it to your car’s reverse lights. Alternatively, you can power it through other power points or through an ignition switch, a cigarette lighter or a 12v source fuse box.


  • A purchase includes an LCD display monitor and a camera
  • Competitively priced
  • Two-year warranty
  • LED lights which help in night vision
  • IP69 waterproofing
  • Easy to install


  • The display monitor is small in comparison to others in the market

2. Zeroxclub- Car Backup Camera

A backup camera is quite essential and it is among your vehicle’s safety features. The Zeroxclub- Car Backup Camera will help you reserve park easily and safely. It is effective with speeds of up to 110 miles providing smooth images.

With a 7 inches display screen, the unit also comes with a CCD sensor, 18 infrared lights and a digital HD image processor for excellent night vision. On top of that, it has IP69 waterproofing and therefore no risk to the gadget in foggy, misty or rainy weather.

Installation involves mounting the monitor and camera and you are good to go, simply plug the monitor to the cigarette lighter socket. Then mount the camera using two screws to the back of your vehicle and also link it to your vehicle’s voltage system.


  • A purchase includes a monitor and camera
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent night visibility
  • Clear images at high speeds
  • Waterproof


  • It doesn’t come at a budget price

3. Esky-Car Backup Camera with Night Sensor

The Esky-Car Backup Camera is compatible with all vehicles. The rearview vehicle camera is elegantly designed and delivers high quality colored detailed images, during the day or at night. The camera is waterproof with no risk of getting damaged in wet weather.

With a 170° range, it is enough to provide clear views of the entire rear side of your vehicle including the blind spot. In addition, its night sensor system provides clear views at night.

Installing the camera system is easy. To get it working, simply press the provided button. And if you hope to color match, there are two color choices provided, silver and black.


  • Fits all vehicles
  • It is easy to operate it
  • It has a budget-friendly price
  •  High-quality images
  • Waterproof camera
  • Night sensor for night viewing


  • A monitor is not provided

4. Rear View Safety-Car Backup Camera System

This car back-up camera system includes a 7” monitor screen giving you a wide view. The order includes all the accessories for mounting both the camera and its monitor system for your convenience.

With 18 infrared lights, you can view the rear of your vehicle clearly in the dark. What’s more, with a 130° viewing angle, it provides clear views of the rear of your vehicle.

With an IP69K waterproof rating, it is safe to use it without any risk to the gadgets when it is raining or foggy.


  • Excellent night visibility
  • It is waterproof
  • It is a complete system ready to install
  • A big 7 inches monitor screen


  • It is quite expensive

5. eRapta-ERT01 Car Backup Camera

Boasting of affordability and great functionality even at night, the eRapta-ERT01 is a top choice for many vehicle owners. The good thing is that you can install it in most vehicles because of its universal fit.

The camera provides high-quality detailed images. It is designed with a heat resistant and wear-resistant glass. What’s more, it has a rubber ring giving it IP69 waterproofing to protect the camera from getting damaged by water, making it an all-weather device.

In addition, the unit comes with a 149° view angle which is perfect for viewing what is happening in the rear of your vehicle. On top of that, it has guidelines to assist when parking in narrow places.

The backup system features LED lights that make night driving safe even in rainy weather. It is easy to install it in your car, simply mount it on your license plate and you are good to go.

Besides that, it is affordable and it is backed by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.


  • High-quality images
  • Fits in most vehicles
  • Excellent night viewing
  • Affordable
  • It is an all-weather device


  • A monitor is not included

6. Auto-VoxM1WWireless Backup Camera

This camera system will improve your day and night vehicle parking and reversing. The camera and monitor are linked through a wireless system, which is easier to install than the regular wired backup systems.

It comes with a gridline that makes reversing in a narrow space safe and fast. The camera’s IP 68 waterproof features keep it intact and operational even when exposed to water.

Most importantly, the unit is fitted with six LED bulbs that work automatically depending on the intensity of light, providing clear images at night.

Its 170 degrees viewing angle provides clear rear views for your safety.

Besides, to install the 4.3 inches monitor, simply use the provided suction cup and mount it on the windshield or dashboard.


  • Wireless
  • Easy to install the monitor
  • It is waterproof
  • Gridline for safe parking in narrow spaces
  • LED bulbs for night vision


  • It is not cheap
  • The monitor is small

7. Auto-Vox Vehicle Reverse Backup Camera

This camera system provides good rearview images that make rear parking safe and effortless.

The monitor provides high-quality images instantly. What’s more, the 170° angle provides good rearview images. On top of that, it features a six-glass lens feature for night visibility.

Since it has IP68 waterproof, firstly, it will work in rainy or foggy weather. Secondly, there is no risk to the gadget getting damaged by the elements.

The device comes with an option for guidelines. To install it, simply mount it behind your vehicle’s license plate without the need to drill holes. Although the monitor is not included, it is a very affordable backup system, more so, it is covered by the manufacturer’s one year warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • It is waterproof
  • It is affordable
  • High-quality rear images
  • Excellent for night visibility


  • A monitor is not provided

8. eRapta Wireless Backup Camera

For safe and fast day or night vehicle reversing, you can consider this back-up system. It is a complete rearview vehicle camera system that includes a 7 inches monitor and a camera. It is compatible in most vehicles and as such, you can use it in buses, trailers, semi-trailers and box trucks.

Being a wireless system, it is easy to install it. You can plug the monitor in the cigarette lighter to install it and it will start working automatically. The camera works with a voltage of 12-24V DC.

Just as importantly, the unit’s sensor HD digital image processing system and the 28 infrared lights provide clear night visibility.

However, in comparison to other brands, it is expensive, the good thing is that it is backed by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.


  • 7” monitor system
  • The system is complete with a monitor and camera
  • It is wireless making installation a breeze
  • Excellent for night reversing
  • It provides high-quality images


  • It is a little bit expensive

9. Auto-VoxVehicle Backup Camera w/Night Vision LEDs

Compatible with all cars, you can use this system in any vehicle. The system provides you with an option for parking guidelines making it easy to park in narrow spaces.

With a resolution of 900TVL, the camera provides high-quality images. In addition, the system has a 170° viewing angle for clear and detailed rear view images. What’s more, it has six LED lights, an HD image processor and a highly sensitive CMOS which provide excellent night visibility.

The camera features a simple bracket installation that doesn’t involve drilling holes on your license plate. The camera has IP68 waterproof, and therefore, you will have peace of mind in wet weather.

Worth noting, the order excludes a monitor.


  • Excellent for night visibility
  • 170-degree viewing angle
  • Waterproof


  • There are cheaper brands in the market
  • A monitor is not provided

10. Emmako Wireless Vehicle Backup Camera

This system includes a 7” high-quality monitor system and an awesome camera. An order includes supplies to mount the monitor on the dash, worth noting you can also mount it on the windshield.

Apart from the IP69K waterproof features that make this unit all-weather, the camera has 12 infrared lights that make it work at night. It has a 150° view which is wide enough to enable you to see what is happening in the rear of your vehicle.

The monitor has split-screen ability and therefore you can use it to view two digital cameras.


  • A camera and monitor are provided
  • Waterproof
  • Supplies for mounting the monitor
  • Easy to install
  • A big 7” monitor


  • It is not cheap

11. Natika Night Vision Vehicle Backup Camera

This vehicle backup system is compatible with most vehicles including cars, SUVs, trucks, jeeps, pickups among others.

With a high resolution of 720P, this camera provides clear and detailed images day or night. Designed with a 145 °view this camera is sufficient to cover the invisible blind spot and most of the rear of your vehicle. You can use the camera as a backup with or without guidelines.

Constructed with IP69K waterproof features, the device will work in wet weather because it is not at risk of being damaged by water.

The camera is mountable on your car’s license plate using nuts and bolts. However, the camera has a medium price point and a monitor is not included.


  • Excellent for night use
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with most cars
  • Easy to install
  • It has guidelines


  • A monitor is not included

12. Raayoo Vehicle Backup Night Vision Camera

This is a good car backup system to consider if you are operating on a tight budget. The good thing is that it comes with most features that you will find in high-end brands and it can work in most vehicles.

Although not a wireless system, this camera is installed using one wire and as such, installations are easy and fast. You can install the camera on the license plate and mount the 4.3-inch monitor on the dash or windscreen of your vehicle.

Its parking assistance has virtual lines that help in distance approximation when parking. It is designed with a 150-degree view which provides a perfect view of the rear reducing blind zone spots.

With 13 IR LED lights that operate automatically, it has superior dark night vision making using it in dark parking lots or at night effective. Its IP68 waterproof rating means that the device will not get damaged in rain, foggy or misty weather.


  • Excellent night vision
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • It is budget-friendly


  • Small monitor in comparison to others in the market

Buying Guide for Backup Camera with Night Vision

As you prepare to buy the best backup camera with night vision, here are some of the things you need to consider.

Image Sensors

You need to decide if you want your back up camera sensor to be either CMOS or CCD because these are the only two options available.

We recommend CCD sensors because they produce higher quality videos and function better in low light situations compared to CMOS.

CCD cameras are also more expensive than CMOS but compromising on quality is not something that should even cross your mind.

Electromagnetic Night Vision

You want to get a backup camera that comes with infrared night vision. This means that the camera will provide pictures even in complete darkness because it is fitted with infrared LED lights.

Nonetheless, do not expect a clear picture that goes beyond thirty feet and it will be in monochromatic color as well.

Perhaps you are not aware but there are numerous camera models with this function so ensure that the one you buy has infrared night vision.

Mirror Image Ability

When you get a backup camera with night vision, you want to see the same image you would have seen on a mirror on your system.

As such, the system has to flip the image. This facilitates easier reversing because your mind already knows what to expect.

There are unit that will allow either a reversed or a normal image. The backup camera must have the reverse image capability regardless.

Automatic Booting

If your budget allows, go for a high-end backup camera that automatically powers on. The unit is attached to your rear lights and automatically powers on when you shift your car into reverse.

After all, everybody wants convenience and it doesn’t make sense to switch on the unit each single time you need to use it.

Get a unit with that option.

Audio Watching

In certain scenarios such as reversing a long trailer, you will need a microphone. Well, there are many options when it comes to cameras with in-built microphones so look for one that will suit you.

Motorized Power Supply

While most vehicles operate on a 12V system, there are still those that operate on 24V. First, you need to determine what kind of power your unit utilizes.

To guarantee durability you also need a voltage filter or regulator. A cheap unit will definitely not feature this.

All-Weather Connectors and Camera

Your back up camera will be exposed to all weather conditions whether hot or cold. In the extremities of such conditions, your camera is likely to suffer.

As such, you want a camera that is designed to be outside your car otherwise it will not last long. In life, you get what you pay for so spending on a good backup camera with night vision will give you value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

We expect several questions to do with backup cameras with night vision and that is why we have answered a few common ones.

Do wireless backup cameras function well?

Yes, they do. In fact, they are considered the best because they only require you to install the peripherals and connect them to a power source to begin using.

Can I install a backup camera on any car?

First, almost all new cars come equipped with backup cameras but if you have an older car without this technology, you can easily install one by yourself since the process is easy.

Do I need a backup camera?

Yes, you do. It is now a requirement in the US for all new cars to have backup cameras. All cars coming into the country have to be equipped with the same as a standard measure as well.

Best Overall Backup Camera with Night Vision

Our best pick is the LeeKooLuu-Car Backup Camera with Night Vision. This is because both the LCD monitor screen and camera are provided at a competitive price.

Besides, both the camera and the LCD monitor screen are easy to mount. The camera is waterproof and has excellent night visibility for your peace of mind. You can also connect two videos on the monitor.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you are behind the wheel, your security is always paramount. By installing a backup camera with night vision, you are able to reverse your car without any issues, identify blind spots, and avoid knocking hard to see objects.

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